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Euxiphipops juvenile Navarchus or Fish angel with the blue face

Latin name
Euxiphipops juvenile Navarchus
Common name
Fish angel with the blue face
Principle 30 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 26/30 Densit 1018/1022 PH 8.4

Fish pertaining to the family of the Pomacantidi, of medium-large ransom, coming from mostly from waters of the Pacific, Indian ocean and of the archipelago Hindu-Australian; splendidly colored when it catches up the adult livery, relatively sturdy, sociable, adapted to the cohabitation with fish of barrier of others breeds and with other Pomacantidi purch of various color.
Body a lot flattened, of nearly rectangular shape, with the fins dorsal and anale extends in order nearly all the perimeter of the body and that they succeed in to cover the tail fin partially; lengthened ventral fins a lot, the mouth similar to the spout of a parrot, moreover, present along prick that extends from the opercolo branchial towards the posterior part of the fish.
The livery of the young exemplary much similar one to that one of the Pomachanthus young Semicirculatus, of color blue dark, bordered of turchese electrical worker, with vertical lines white women as soon as folded to estremit, to parenthesis shape the quadrant, fins bordered of turchese, on the back a irregular spot marroncina or giallina that is increased with the change of livery.

Much difficult one to acclimatize, would be advisable to acquire exemplary gi perfectly acclimatizes to you, but once very acclimatized sturdy and onnivoro, it preprefers mangime dry in grains or dept freeze, artemie you go up some, chironomus and also gamberetti, the appropriate sfoglie of alghe frozen-dry and also leaves of insalata, spinaci bubbled.
It needs of large a medium bathtub, in how much it swims gladly in the center of the Aquarius, but also of shelters and hiding places between the madrepore; with water very filtered and aereata.
Enough resistant to the diseases it suffers for the excessive values from nitrates and phosphates, in the which case it loses the shining colors, to begin from the snout, are advisable partial changes with sifonatura of the bottom and regular additions of oligoelements and vitamins.
Not a lot adapted, also from young person, to the Aquarius with invertebrates in how much if it feeds some gladly.
E' after all a fish adapted to all the Aquarius navy, preferibilmente without invertebrates, is of the principiante that of the expert acquariofilo.


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