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Family: Aracee
Origin: Asia
Water: 20/30, better intermediate values
Ph: neutral or leggermente acid
Light: normal school, to avoid that intense one
In the photo: Cryptocoryne nevillii

Most diffuse plant from Aquarius, optimal companion of Discus and Scalari, grows rigogliosa in limpid waters and very oxygenated.

It does not love opportune the particularly intense light and to prefer leggermente ombreggiate positions.

Physical dellacquario is demonstrated particularly sensitive to any chemical variation.

A repentina luminous variation dellintensit or of the pH dellacqua is often sufficient in order to favor the appearance of the c.d. plague of the crypto: the leaves marciscono completely nellarco of little days or little hours, in order then to rivegetare fastly.

Substitution is suggested to much caution nella goddesses neon, what this to be carried out to intervals of one week between one lamp and laltra, in order to avoid shock allo development della plant.

Indispensable regular somministrazioni of iron in chelata shape, better if with compressed to slow cession to place directly in the substrate, in the pressed ones of the plant.

This species develops of the consisting radical apparatuses, producing numerous stoloni from which forms in short time new bushes.

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