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Scientific Name: Micriochierax x caerulescens
Family: Falconidae

Dimension: This small rapace pu to catch up to maximum i 18 cm
Spread: In nature it inhabits the valleys and pendii the devout warmth of the chain of the Himalayas going to svernare towards south.
Behavior: It lives in small flocks hunting mammalian Bugs, small and birds launch itself in one fastest dive much similar one to that one of the great Falcons.
It nests in cavit (not dug from he, but from scoiattoli peaks etc. ) of large trees.

In Cattivit: For being able it "to hold" in the better way possible necessary to decide of a large one, if not greatest voliera that allows to these birds of compire also of the short flights.
In order to grow and living well, beyond that of bugs and meat, it has need every so often also of prede lives po' devout large (topini or chicks), feeding this that to remove to many it it wants to have of one.
Like shelter in order to pass to the night serving one prefabbricata small house nest.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:  


REPRODUCTION in cattivit: A lot very rarely resolutions to make to reproduce them in voliera.

Reperibilit: not easy reperibile (at least in Italy)






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