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We alleviate the artemia salt
Gambero of the pickling brine


The artemia salt known also like monkey of sea, other not that a crustacean of small dimensions, goes itself up from 3 -4 millimeters of the nauptilus on the left until i 10 milimeter in the adult. In nature it is found in the water pools salmastra or salata, inasmuch as this crustacean succeeds in living to various concentrations goes up some.
The eggs of the gambero of the pickling brine, sure known from all the acquariofili found easy in the storees dacquariologia in which eggs are sold under the shape of cysts ().
In order to make to schiudere eggs we will use a vase with cover pierced in which we will insert one cannuccia in order to oxygenate lacqua.

We introduce eggs in the water to the temperature of 24 - 28C, we pour some approximately two pizzichi, after approximately 24 - 36 hours will be born first nauthilus   (0,2 millimeters) that, after to be escapes from the shells, liberations in the brooded device will swim of. They survive generally until to a maximum of three days. In this phase   we will use one net much thin one in order to collect them and to use them for feeding the avvanotti above all.
We remember that the nutrizionale value of the gambero of the pickling brine diminishes with passing of the hours.
In order to continue breeders to serve a container they give to us   25-30 liters at least where we will put lacqua salata.

In the tables qu under there are three examples of diet for artemia, all valid ones, but to my opinion best the third method that ago to develop the many devout fastly gamberi.

method 1:

flour offrumento of 45%

flour of soia of 45%

I leaven in powder 10%

method 2:

flour of frumento of 45%

flour of soia of 45%

I leaven in powder 10%

sprirulina in powder 5%


method 3:

flour of frumento of 85%

I leaven in powder 10%

sprirulina in powder 5%

The quantit of food to somministrare   once to the day, approximately one knife point.
  Attention does not exaggerate, better to give some to it in small doses in order not to pollute lacqua and not to compromise breeders.

  During the summery vacations we can leave the cultivation without food for 15 days. These cultivations continue in the complete autonomy devout and produce constantly   gamberi for the felicit of our fish.
Inasmuch as the adult catches up the length of approximately 10 millimeters. advisable to use   a net that withholds only the adults as an example (very well goes the filters for you) risciacquiamo in running water and serves them.
We will assure an optimal element to our fish to which does not remain that to augur good appetite.





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