Hunting with the ferret

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The beautifulst exemplary of the photos are Niche (that large) and Nol (the smilzo) of Janira

Average life of the life 4 - 11 years
MATURIT 8 - 12 months
DURATION OF THE HEAT It continues, if the fecondazione does not happen
Duration of the gestation 39 - 46 days
Cucciolata number for 2 - 16 (medium 8)
Weight to the birth 10 g
Opening of the eyes 28 days
Eruption of the teeth 2 Weeks
Weaning 6 Weeks

A time the man watching abilit of the skunk in hunting the wild rabbits determined us to raise of some small for to help itself in the hunting to the rabbits from then they are passes to you beyond 2000 years but still today the domestic skunk comes used for this scope. They give approximately three years also in Italy for diffused the habit to hold in house this animaletto like animal from company.

in the Cupido photos of furettamilu

in house the ferret becomes accustomed itself to make the needs in the cassettina and this must be devout high of that it is used for the cats perch when it defecates our friend stretches to make it on the devout angles the up possible one. It learns also to answer to its name and it is very amused to play with its human friend, as feeding we can dargli the same alimony that somministriamo to the cats, is become accustomed also to walk to the leash and in commerce all the gadget for he comprised cappottini the bretelline and a lot are found by now other

still Cupido of furettamilu

All the veterinaries specialize (little to you it are in Italy) are agree in saying that the sacculectomia (removal of the perianal glands) an operation useless, invasive and potentially harmful (pu to provoke the prolapse of the rectum). The muschiato odore fort of the ferret caused from the pilifere glands and does not give the anali bags, that they contain of the not harmful chemical agents and that, when they come "spremute" from the ferret, they provoke only a momentary one (disappears fastly) strongly odore.

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In these animals, sterilization nearly of obligation, in fact: To make to make the puppys to a ferret extremely expensive what (in time, cures and money). Furette the females, when they enter in heat, are in serious danger of died if they do not couple (the heat does not revert if it does not happen the connection and the fecondazione) poich the extended heat strongly generates consequent iperestrogenismo with anemia and died of the furetta. Moreover sterilization (in both) eliminates the problem of the strong and pungente odore of the ferret. Sterilization would go carried out not before the 6-8 ET months. The ferrets sterilize to you too much prematurely (before the development, as for all the animals) can develop devout to pathologies series easy

in the Mil photos of furettamilu

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