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PAY for IMPRESSION and PAY for CLICK on the InseparabileWeb circuit
(inseparabile.com, qualazampa.it, trovapuppys.com, inseparabileforum.com, animaliitaliani.com)

To difference of the others network that they demand astronomical figures, and a lot often does not give some return, we have decided to head at we turn out to you, and for this reason that we have launch two he arranges of advertising:  

pay for impression much profit in the case of companies that gi are known but that they want to ulteriorly fidelizzare lutenza to their brand, introducing even a new product.

pay for click: satisfied for it is only turned out obtained (visitors to you that effectively they enter in your situated-portale)

the costs anticipate to you are indeed favorable

pay for impression: 0,0005 Euro independently from click (the 200,000 visualizations of yours banner   100 +iva Euro)  

pay for click: 0.1 Euro to click(1000 click 100 Euro+iva)

Obviously based on the invested sum the prices can be discussed.

YOU verr supplied one username and one password in order to control your investment.

** If you do not have a Banner R-nessun.problema, we will make it we for you without no additional expense.

For greater information or in order to join to the offer he sendes an email to marketing@inseparabile.it indicating its to us SITUATED INTERNET and

or it compiles in every its part the below Form.

Name and last name:
Banner Position:
Link your Situated Internet:
You choose the offer:
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