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E' for excellence the wild cat that to the open finds its habitat ideal. Original of the Kenya in Africa, it lives on the trees where hunting bugs, flies, cavallette.
For anyone the ideal cat has of the horses this inasmuch as of summer they are harasses from mosche.Agli the beginnings of the years eighty one to you mrs. scopr that in the forest of Sokoke one gatta that had as soon as give birth under a tree of the micini that port in its small farm and where they came raises to you.


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Much muscoloso, with agile legs and nails many forts that help it to scramble up on alberi.La the thin and long tail, and when the ready Sokoke to the attack the long door the body with the tip turned towards the high.
Of medium ransom it has cheeks and the zigomi it evidences to you. You have the straight profile with the nose that tutt' one with the mento. The orecchie large and are distanced, with a forelock of hairs to the inside.

The color of the eyes pu to go from the green to the giallo/oro, the shape to almond. The cape from the tigrato aspect has the hair folto, soft and without sottopelo.Medio short, the hair allonge under the belly, the color honey with of the black striature browns and. The striature of the Sokoke are filiform and parallels that, in some points seem to design of farfalle.Il the hair of the ventre have of the designs to bullets, the designed tail to ring shape that scuriscono towards the tip.

Decidedly a cat of strong constitution and from the independent character. It needs of wide spaces where to be able to play and to be confronted with the nature. Much intelligent one understands the orders of the master but it stretches to remain much independent one.

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