IGUANA (iguana Iguana)

Iguana Iguana adult (male)    

We know the common Iguana ( Iguana Iguana )    


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To who not never capitato to pass a store of animals and to see these small lucertoline greens? To who not never capitato to see or to feel persons that they go in turn with this lucertolone on the shoulder?
Well, this ' articolo' does not want to be one critical, but it wants to be a small point of reference in order to understand, to know, to appreciate R-al.meglio this capolavoro of mother nature.

The iguane second the taxonomy puts into effect them comes cos classified:

Reign: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Shelled
Subordine: Sauria
Infraordine: Iguania
Family: Iguanidae
Sottofamiglia: Iguaninae
Kind: Iguana

Of continuation bringing back the other famous kinds much that we can classify for comodit in: Conolophus, Brachylophus, Dipsosaurus, Ctenosaura, Iguana, Cyclura, Sauromalus, Amblyrhynchus .
Gi badly makes the head with all these names you? Calm, this was only one panoramic.

In nature possible to recover them in the zones of the humid tropical forests of the America they Centers, Southern; Melissa Kaplan, famous erpetologa, asserts that sand banks of Mexico for via of the disboscamenti are being diffused also in some zones.

IGUANA they mostly live all the life over of the great trees and when they come down to the ground make it in order to place eggs, to couple itself or simply in order to move itself in an other zone.
Of morning to being born of the devout sun they are waked up and they gone to then try the direct point to the sun (spiegher the reason when it is spoken about the feeding) where they remain for some hour.
Towards our hour of lunch, also they begin to feel hunger and begin to eat.
Their diet closely erbivora, even if to times nutrono of bugs. After to have pranzato they return in the warm place devout in order to favor the digestion, where they remain all the day.
The night they pass it in a shelter-lair, hoping not to be waked up from some predator.
As you can very understand, rectums them enough lazy.

The dimensions in nature truly are elevated regarding the exemplary in cattivit, the 8 thoughts can catch up also the 2,5 mt and Kg!

IGUANA devout diffused here in Italy sure IGUANA IGUANA (English or the Americans calls it also green iguanas).
At the moment of the purchase fairies attention to the origin of IGUANA (farm, capture, cattivit).
I can calmly assert that the greater part of the iguane that find in sale in our storees, or are of farm or worse still than capture.
The farm they are of the great sheds where the eggs come capacities, found placed in the forests, and once schiuse come sent in several the European countries.
Of capture, as it says the same name, they come captured in the origin place in order then to come sent.
This also a reason for which the by now iguane they are found to stracciati prices, the baby by now is found also less than 20 euro.

Diffidate of the price and bought a copy been born in cattivit even if costs some money in devout. The coming from iguane from farm or of capture, beyond to the moral fact carrying via an animal from its natural habitat and depriving the nature of new generations, are from avoiding in how much not always enjoy good health. Not rare to find animals of capture or farm with you adorned to you inner (endoparassiti) or much aggressive and in the peggior of the cases they stop to feed itself.

The aggressivit in IGUANA they do not give to underrate, especially in the exemplary males. IGUANA they use like means of attack or defense their long tail, and if forced they bite. A my friend German breeder, has lost two falangi the right hand with a one bite IGUANA adult, therefore fairies much attention!

To the search of IGUANA to buy, you must make attention on the copy to acquire.  
Avoided to take copy stabulati in overcrowded terrari small, it soil, badly nourished, with terrari you flavored yourself with other animals, or exemplary that in copper presence are in earth.  
IGUANA it heals must introduce an ignited green colouring, without burns, residual of dumb previous, with the very open eyes, without soil in the cloacale zone, with all the fingers and the tail not autonomata!  
Once acquired IGUANA it must make attention that the trader or private us releases a document: the C.I.T.E.S.  
You can see through the CITES also the origin of the animal and ET.    
The stabulazione of the animal the reason for which many exemplary they come sold, gives to you, exchanges to you and quite it abandons to you!

Remembered that even if in the store you small lucertolina seems one, from adult arriver to catch up also 1,5mt (the maximum found be 1,80mt) of length, and not rare that it exceeds the 5Kg.
The terrario, best if in dealt marine wood with of the flatting, a lot important in how much must try to recreate their natural habitat.
The minimal dimensions for a single adult copy will be 2,50mt of length x 2,50 of height x 1,50 of profondit.
If the traders you will want to sell a terrario of smaller measures saying "if the small terrario to you IGUANA a lot does not grow devout "not credetegli, exited from that store and not entered to us devout.
Like saying previously, IGUANA they are of the ectotermici animals that they have capacit of termoregolarsi, consequently will have to be created of the warm devout zones and cold the devout zones.
In order to create these zones sufficient to put of spot (the simplest light bulbs) of wattaggi it adapts to you. In the storees of animals they sell spot also of various colors, is to you to choose.
The spot beyond making heat, it emits also light naturally (), therefore for the night those of red color are used.
Beyond to the simple light bulbs (spot), in order to only make heat, they exist of the lamps in ceramics purposely created (but from the enough high costs).
To avoid absolutely they are the heating cliffs: in how much IGUANA they are accustomed to receive the heat from the high one towards the bottom, not the contrary.

Obligatory for the health of the animal the neon use UVB-UVA. The beams that these neons emit allow the animal to assimilate and to fix the D3: special vitamin useful soccer-fissatrice to the fissamento and the just increase of boneses. In order to make to work these neons, it must be decided of an appropriate telephone exchange (or starter) where then to be able to connect the caps that to they time go connected to neon. An alternative much profit, in order not to buy neon, telephones exchange and caps, that one to address in a elttronica store and to buy a portaneon gi predisposed to the operation (saving cos also some soldino). The neon to difference of the lamps used for scaldare, goes fixed to a distance of approximately 35 cm from the place where usually it parks IGUANA and held ignited maximum 12 hours to the day. When the neon acquired, is remembered to mark the day to you, so as to to be able to change it every 6-7 months (after these months, they do not emit devout beams uvb grape and therefore they are of all the useless ones).

It is the spot that the neon to the inside of the terrario must never come shielded with of the net (glass or plexygass), in order to avoid contacts with the host so as to to avoid unpleasant burns.
With a thermometer it is made sure to us that the diurnal temperature in the warm zone is of 30C and in that cold of 25C; of night when they will be extinguished the lights and rimarr the spot nocturnal attention must only be made that the temperature you do not come down under the 20C.
Before I have said that the material of the terraio better if than dealt marine wood, perch IGUANA it loves the umidit very. Bisogner to hold a umidit constant around to 80%.
In order to maintain the umidit it must procurarsi one spruzzetto, even in the storees than plants, and nebulizzare a pair of times to the day. In commerce they are found at a good price of the hygrometers useful in order to control the percentage of umidit, but often they come tarati badly, therefore you regulate yourselves with the two nebulizzate to the day.
Umidit a factor a lot important when our host is carrying out the ecdisi process. The ecdisi, or better known like dumb, the process in which the rectums them it renews the skin layer (epidermide).
The dumb ones, when the copy baby, are much frequent, but during the increase the time that elapse between one dumb and the other allonge also a lot.
A high value devout of umidit in this phase therefore helps the detachment of the epidermide old (making attention that they do not remain pieces between the fingers who could carry in necrosis the limb).

Last ritocco to make to the terrario before the preparation, they are the holes for the money laundering of the air.

These holes must be sfalsati, cio, onone side must be low, while in the opposite side made in the part other. The holes, can be made simply with of the bottoming drill tips, do not have to be little, of too many. A small trick in order to see if the areazione goes that one well to control if on the glass of the terrario the classic one is created condenses; us it does not have to happen neanche with margins of umidit elevates to you. This a factor a lot important that if neglected pu to carry respiratory problems to your host.

We pass hour to the choice of the substrate. Anch' it one choice a lot important for the health of the sauro. Every chosen not mistaken, but it has on for and its against.

In the storees sure they will try to sell the reptibark to you. This substrate composed from faggio chips; it renders one good idea of habitat natural, and easy pulibile: the part where you will find I made them and the urati ones you must throw, while the others schegge you can wash to them in ipoclorito water and of sodio (candeggina) for a pair of times, dopodich you will have however to change with the new. The reptibark dangerous when IGUANA they are large and they can eat it. Not rare to find IGUANA that they eat just the substrate going encounter to an internal occlusion, and many times to the surgical participation! Moreover reptibark enough the beloved like price (made not sure to underrate). Fairies attention that is not composed of cedar, in highly toxic how much!!! Some storees have in sale of the carpets of synthetic grass, also of various colors and measures. Their price enough content, but bisogner to take two so that when one comes washed there is the supply second. The only disadvantage that I have tried using these tappetini what when if it wants some to remove one in order to wash it, it must remove give over also all coppers and the other accessories.

The third choice, then also devout the economic, that one that use also I personally: the newspaper sheets. With the newspaper sheets sure not avr a natural scene, but sure moneies will be saved and guadagner in hygiene inasmuch as the newspapers are always reperibili and sure they do not create reason for rebelling of you adorned to you, bacteria or quant' other.
From some moreover fashionable time between the traders to sell also the torba neutral of sfagno like substrate, but to avoid. The only point to favor that is found with torba the increase of the plants; the hygiene arriver to levels pessimi in how much all the umidit that tratter to give to life to many bacteria and fungi, going encounter to one pessima health of the host.
I council however to use or the tappetini, or the newspaper sheets.
Well to this point the bottom of the ready terrario, the lighting system and the anche..cosa heating lack? The necessary one lacks in order to make living to IGUANA its arboreal life: the coppers.
The choice of coppers a lot important, perch like saying previously where IGUANA passer the greater part of its life. It must try to create true and just a natural habitat, therefore terrari with a single branch they do not go well. You must embed and fix well coppers avoiding cos dangerous falls. It is to the taste of the breeder like arranging them but I can advise for the well-being of the little animal, to create at least various ' terbreeds' in the warm zone and that cold.
Also the coppers are found in the storees of animals, in the vivai, or if you want makes a beautiful walk you, even also romantica with your girl, to go in a forest and found them: avoided the woods marches, of cedar and it does not detach them to you from the trees!!

Moreover it could be used also of the cork, than in the period natalizzio a lot and to price is found easy much bottom.
Once taken to the log or the cork (would have to be made also with the substrate in the micronde) must be sterilized avoiding them worse cos the introduction of various ' animaletti' microscopical or still colonies than fungi.
Sterilization pu to happen in the same way of as the reptibark cleans up or through the vaporello.
Hour remains the last point to prepare second facolt of the breeder: the plants.
The true plants I advice against to them lively, in how much etc can give the usual problems of adorned etc to you and then they will last truly little: IGUANA they are like of the buldozzer; if you want, mettetele feints or resistant kinds like Sanseveria or Scindapsus aureus. The famous stars of beenborn them, moreover are altmente toxic!
Last sagacity in order to end the terrario, the escape is the closings in order to avoid the opening of the terrario from part of the host avoiding some. A thermometer, a hygrometer, two ciotole (one for the water and one for the food) constitute the end of the useful accessories for your animal.
The terrario ended and ready hour in order to come used (you memory that IGUANA adult males are not tolerant towards other males).
If it is had a garden and the possibilit is had to construct a great gabion for yours IGUANA it makes it you, so that it can enjoy the benefits of the sun directly (naturally in summer), assuming and fixing how much devout possible soccer.
Before inserting yours sauro, council of monitorare for a pair of days the temperatures and the values of the umidit.  


Iguana Iguana baby (of my girl)


We pass hour to the feeding: if the traders will say to you that IGUANA it eats solo yields not dategli straight perch not cos. Soccer (Ca) the most important substance for the life of IGUANA many times do not come absorbed for guilt of the phosphorus (P). It must, therefore to balance the two things with a relationship of Ca 2:1 F. Saying this pu to draw the conclusion that the fruit pu not to be the base food, but must come somministrata in portions of met, regarding the verdura. Also in nature, nutrono of 95% of verdura, flowers, leaves and from 5% of fruit.  
The ingredients that we can offer calmly are roman Lattura (than the base of the feeding), radicchio, carrots, cetrioli, peas, spinaci, tomatoes, tarasacco, melone, apple, pear, peach, pineapple, kiwi, strawberry, grape, Mandarin, sedano, melone, and quite a pair of times to week of the rose petals (washing them accurately and making attention that not there are traces of pesticides). Personally I have planted of the buds of soia and every a lot them somministro with turns out to you optimal.  
Absolutely to avoid they are: bay, amarillis, arnica, avocado, azalea, calla, Indiana hemp, colchico, croton, dahlia, medical grass (flower),   garofano, gelsomino, giacinto, iris, lupin, oleandro, potato, peony, tomato, rododendro, rose of been born them, rosmarino, salvia, star of been born them, tobacco, tulipano, verbena.

In order to integrate all how much, once to the month d also one camola of the honey (Gallery mellonella) to the still larvale state (finds easy in the storees of hunting and peach).  
The camole of the honey once come dates to the month in how much a food much rich (70% proteins, 16% fat people and 10% water); insomma like if we ate ourselves together 50Kg of nutella all!  
Integration of the diet, beyond to the camole pu being carried out on young exemplary with some bug of small ransom (crickets, kaimani, tarme), and on adult exemplary with pinky (the hardly been born rats of little hours).  
Absolutely indispensable and obligatory periodically to dust D3 soccer on the food and if we want pu to let also a stopper of bottle with of soccer to the inside of the terrario always disposition.  
The important to vary devout possible the diet of just animal (any it is) in order to gain the just benefits. In commerce they are found of the pellettati ones purposely created for resisted them: they are not good as base food, but in emergency case they can come used.  
Naturally all the food must come spezzettato and cut in proportion of the distance of the two narici of the copy.  
The frequencies of the meal vary to second of ET: from 0 to 18 months two times to the day; from the 18 to 3 years 1 it turns; from the 3 years in then once every two days.

In the storees of animals they begin to   to appear guinzagli, cappellini alone for iguane and many others ' stregonerie'.  
IGUANA a sauro, it does not love to be handled, stressa a lot easy, during our maneggiamenti pu to go encounter to breaches of the tail (also voluntary), therefore it handles it to you less possible, and calmly leaves it living you in its terrario.

Beh, saying all this, if you have space, money, time, passion, you have all the papers in rule in order to begin a good breeding of one of the sauri devout beautiful of the earth.

You remember yourselves, we are we that we must ourselves be adapted to their life, not they that we must ourselves be adapted.  

"thanks special go to all those who will make to be their iguana in the best ones of the possible ways (read, read, read); to who it allows to all we to have use of of the forum and the situated one; to Fabry that have convinced to me to write this ' articolo' and above all to Daniela!!"
Buonasorte D.