The DOGS - List of dog breeds

Cucciolo.JPG (9592 byte) From this page we can approach

to the several ones breeds of those lupo tamed

that it lives with we human beings from devout of 10

mila years and that the man has put molding on

in all the devout shapes and dimensions that

they served creating devout of 400 breeds,

for having from he an aid in devout the various tasks for the hunting,

pastorizia, for the defense, the guard, in order to kill the rapes, in order to fight,

in order to simply help the devout fishermen or for fargli company.

The cards of every race will come inserted in these pages, hand by hand

that the visitors ce will demand to them, so that our encyclopedia of i

dogs are in continuous increase becoming an always modernized complete work and.

in order to demand a race that is not gi between those dealt

you write to ( )


Here under found the breeds not still dealt but that we will publish to short:
If you want to collaborate with we and or you have material: photos, witnesses etc (not covered from copyrights). It sendes them to you to you will help to make us to know and to love also your preferred race.

In bottom to the card linkeremo your situated one or we will signal however the author or who has supplied us the material.