The colored caique a pappagallino that measure ca. 23 cm. Its distribution comprises

The Guyane, south of the Venezuela, region of the Par in Brasi them, south-western Colombia, Ecuador and north of For. Measure ca. 23 cm and pu to catch up 30 years of life medium.

The sommit of the black head, lanello perioftalmico blue, cheeks, neck, and sottocoda yellow-gold, chest and ventre white men, wings and back greens, red black spout and iride. The squared tail.

Of the species melanocephala we find one subspecies, Pionites m. pale.

Beyond always of the Pionites family we find also the caique ventrebianco (Pionites leucogaster) and the Pionites subspecies l. xanthomeria.

In nature alive in groups of 30 devout individuals or. Schivo, prefers to attend the tops of the trees. It nests in the cavit natural of the trees.

CHARACTER : pappagallino occasionally noisy with a enough acute outcry. The likeable caique, establishes with immediacy a relationship with the man, without fears or nervousness, confidente, calm, much intelligent one. Assets and onlooker, adore to rosicchiare freschi coppers. It does not tolerate other parrots if not of the own species.

FEEDING : in nature it is fed of a width variet of fruits, berries and seeds.

In cattivit mixtures of mixed seeds can be used, not too much fat. Seeds germinate to you, yield and verdura (apple, pear, fico, kiwi, carrot...). Pastoncino to the egg and for insectivora during the breeding.


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REPRODUCTION : they do not demonstrate obvious sexual dimorfismo. The reproduction begins towards opens them. For who he raises the caiques black head not to hold them in colonies well, poich generally they are too much aggressive, moreover a male stretches to dominate on the others and takes for s all the females. With the caiques from ventre the white man he turns out instead devout simple. They need of one voliera sturdy width and. The female places from 2-4 eggs that cover without laiuto of the male; the hard incubation 26 days and the period of weaning 70-80 days. The young people become independent towards the 90 days. The nest must have dimensions of 25 x 25 x 50 cm and must be imbottito with one thickness of ca. 3 cm of truciolato; to leave disposition freschi coppers. Extremely aggressive during the breeding.

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