Determined parasitic disease from a protozoo, 41 eimeria coccidium, that it invades the cells mucosae, of norm those internal ones. The coccidiosi pu to hit vary types of animals (coccidiosi of the rabbits, coccidiosi of the bovines, coccidiosi of the birds).

The coccidiosi of the birds hit flown them domestic (especially the pollame, causing mortalit above all between the young people from the ten to the sixty days) and also the flown ones them selvati to us it raises to you in cattivit like the pheasants nonch those living in libert.

Symptoms of the disease are: I made whitish diarroiche streaked of blood that stretch to attack themselves sometimes to piume surrounding the lano occluding it; half-closed eyes, ruffled and opaque piumaggio, falling wings. The sick ones eat little or null but they drink very many; often they stagger and they emit a sordo pigolio. Especially between the young subjects the mortalit pu to catch up stung highest; it diminishes instead until stopping nearly completely between the adult exemplary, that they are also little subjects to the evil.

It must supply endured allisolamento of the sick ones. I made go removed two times to the day, to met morning and the evening, and cremate with to the empty ones of the deceased subjects. The cautelative measures conclude with unaccuratissima and total disinfection of atmospheres, cages and accessories.

The coccidiosi hit with frequency the breedings of gallinacei but not common between the flown ones it ornaments them them of the small private breedings while it hits devout the feathered ones easy confines to you in cages crowded of the zoo. The parasite comes introduced nellintestino for means of the food, invades the epiteliali cells of the duodenum and here it is multiplied to expenses of the cell that accommodates it. Allorch this destroyed cell, the parasite labbandona and passes to other near cells for way that immense always devout areas of the internal mucosa come destroyed compromising the facolt digestive of the digesting tube. The multiplication of the fastest parasite, with reproduction much sexual one that asexual, and I made them dellalato I infect are loaded with protozoi that they go to increase linfezione (from here the necessit of cremarle at least two times to the day). The sure diagnosis of the evil pu to be carried out single in laboratory with lesame of I made.


For the cure they can be used of the common sulfamidici (in the dose of g 2 in a liter dacqua for the gallinacei and of g for the small flown them from cage) or better still with of I affixed to you prepares anticoccidi for employment veterinary to you to somministrare following the specific posologia. These products can limitedly be somministrati also in protective way to the flown ones them from courtyard. Someone use to cure the coccidiosi somministrando of the mercury bichloride and the permanganato one of potassio nellacqua from drink, the first one in the 6.000 dose of to and the second in the proportion of to 500.


we thank Michele Piso for the realization of this card