Diseases of the FISH

Typical example of disease turns them, manifest with the appearance of nodosit isolated or verrucose proliferations to level of the body and the fins. The contagio pu to happen for through of the ectoparassiti ones. Therapy does not exist; tutt' to devout the possible one, in the fish of elevated economic value with boccali lesions that prevent to I' feeding, to remove the tubercoli, previa anesthesia, with liquid nitrogen. The hit fish must be isolate to you until happened guarigione. The passed one in benign kind.

Necrosis of the fins

Caused from devout bacterial agents, one typical disease tied to the atmosphere and the state of stress. Pu to hit whichever species. Usual mind appears after the transport or later on alI' breaking in in Aquarius popolati from species heterogenous care the behavior and the ransom. The insorgence characterized from small irregolarit along the margin of the fins. In short time necrotici phenomena take part that, if it does not cure to you, carry to the passing of the fins and the peduncolo tail. The best ones turn out therapeutic are obtained to you with medicati baths of ossitetraciclina to the dose of 25 mg/L repeated for 5 consecutive days.


Caused from a bacterium, the Aeromonas salmonicida, typical of the sovrappopolati Aquarius and in predecay hygienic-sanitary conditions. The veicolato pathogenic agent from the water. possible an acute, characterized shape from unexpected mortalit and the absence of external symptoms and a chronic shape in which the typical purulent cutaneous foruncoli appear degenerating in abscesses. Usually the zone devout hit those adjacent fins chest straps. The therapy is based on the use of ossitetraciclina in bath or for os and of sulfamidici.

Cutaneous disease of the Anabantidi

Anch' provoked it from a bacterium, Pseudomonas fluorescens, hits the Anabantidi mostly; be marked also in the Caracidi and the Ciclidi. Of usual with outcome infausto, recognizable from the appearance of spots all the body is white women is red long blood. An effective treatment does not exist.

Renal bacterial disease

All are hit pressoche the species. The slow and manifest evolution essentially with asthenia and general dimagramento with increase of the volume of the abdomen for I accumulate of liquid (ascites). AII' autopsy the kidneys introduce necrosis zones. Antibiotic of I' election eritromicina.

Branchial disease

Acting L ' infecting a micobatterio. Predisposing factors ARE the sovrappopolazione and I' I accumulate of deiezioni with with following increase of ammonia and irritation of the epithelium of the row branchial minds: The hit fish become apati to us and stop to feed themselves. The branchial filaments inspessiscono, become edemato with small emorragiche specks. Se' does not take part in time the funzionalit branchial compromised and sopravviene the dead women for asphyxia. The therapeutic treatment must be devout premature the possible one; drug of I' election bound together ossitetraciclina to sulfate baths of branch or green malachite in order to prevent the secondary infections from miceti.


Disease caused from fungi that develop themselves on organic material in decomposition; the cutaneous wounds very are lend like land of
cultivation. The filaments fungini invade the cells of the epidermide penetrating in profondit until catching up also the muscular woven one. Unmistakable symptom the presence on the cutaneous surface of airframes of cottony aspect with tendency to extend in short time also as a result of the requirement of the fish of sfregarsi against every obstacle for the feeling of annoyance provocatagli from micosi.Il the treatment pu being is local, with iodato alcool brush-works, is general, for means of chloride baths of sodio to 3% or green malachite. In any case it goes always avoided the manipulation not corrected of the healthy subjects; removing for abrasion the infection mucus the possibilit they increase remarkablly!


Serious very devout mycoses of the previous one, hit the inner organs (liver, deep muscular layer, brain, etc.) carrying a.morte the hit animal, in short time. The diagnosis introduces remarkable difficolt being the sintom I common to other diseases. At first the hit animal introduces Dimagramento and easy affaticabilit in short the pauses on the bottom of the Aquarius they become devout frequent and of I do not shave are added to one difficolt in the swim with loss of the equilibrium. Also the cute pu to be interested and in such case itintroduces lesions of ulcerativo type. Given to the effective drug lack and the transmission of the ictiosporidio from fish to fish through watery means, the only one possibilit that it remains to ill-fated acquariofilo the ' putting in secco' of the bathtub with total destruction of fish and vegetables.


The agent motive a protozoo of small dimensions (0,5-1 milimeter) in a position to independently moving in the water thanks to numerous ' ciglia' with propulsive function. The feared target of election constituted from the cute where incista provoking typical lesions whitish and found similar to a chicco of rice. 13iunta to maturation, the cysts are opened leaving the new ones free adorned to you that to they time penetrates in the cute of other fish. Ictioftirio L ' much sensitive one to formalin and the green malachite, for which with draft minds repeated possible to eliminate it in definitive way.


Not frequent like the previous one, it comes brought back in these short notes which internal example of parasatisms. The protozoo in issue, I' Hexamita, usually introduced nelI' Aquarius food is veicolato col is through the vegetables. Ingested from the host it is multiplied in its intestine and it comes then expelled with I made them in the atmosphere. Also in this case the symptomatology not sufficiently specific in order to allow one precise diagnosis. The anorexia and the emphasized dimagramento can make to suspect the presence of the parasite, found in any case for means of the examination of only made. As therapy election drug the Carbazone somministrato with the food to the concentration of the 0.2%.


Other parasatisms present in Aquarius how much in free waters, supported from a small crustacean, I' Argulus. Equipped of you hang to us apt to berth itself to the body of the fish, provokes a most intense irritation with consequent pruritus. The hit fish then are maintained in one be of perennial agitation and will try to get rid of the parasite with continuous rubbings against every possible obstacle, until procurarsi wounded also deep. The scadimento of the general state which had to stress makes s that the parassitato fish is never receptive how much to germs of secondary irruption. If I' not massive infestazione pu to try itself of to remove directly you adorned to you from the cute with the aid of one pinzetta. In the serious cases the Neguvon must be rerun to the employment of organofosforici which.