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  1. We supply an integrator of vitamin and to our feathered friends in order to help them to acquire during the dumb one

  2. we eliminate the nests from the cages. .

  3. We control our dogs to I re-enter from a walk in the prati ones and in the forests in order to verify that not there is the presence of you adorned to you external.

  4. Even if coolness not Lasciamo NEVER the dog in machine, not even with the open windows.

  5. We brush our animals well, in this period change the hair.

  6. attention to the cagnette in heat (they could escape).

  7. Attention to the cats, begins the period of the love could be hurt also seriously and to the escapes of the gatte ones in order to give birth.

  8. we continue the antifilaria therapy.
  9. To control the expiration of the vaccinazioni.  
  10. We supply to the abundant micio gatta grass that helps it to eliminate the hair eventually swallowed.
  11. we begin to increase the fat people in the diet.
  12. sverminiamo dog and cat