HEIGHT: The ideal morphologic structure of the Appaloosa previews medium unaltezza to the garrese of approximately 140-150 cm and a weight of 430-530 kg,

CAPE: It introduces six characteristic macchiettati capes: the snowflake, the leopardo, the frost, the marezzato one, the spotted blanket and the blanket white woman.
ll contour eyes, the genitals them and the labbra must stretch to the rose, while the pigments of the cape must be particularly obvious around to the narici.
The dark spots of the cape can be found are on the posterior part are, of small dimensions, on the front part that gradually become always devout large around to the flanks. The same spots can be to they time to shape of drop or various diamond and or equal color regarding the cape.
The puledri they are born without spots, in fact they appear only posteriorly and they are always of various color from those of the parents.

STANDARD OF RACE: Agile and resistant horse, possesses one small head and very attacked, the long and muscoloso neck and the small orecchie.
The short criniera and oadstead, the garrese medium found and the short and straight back-lumbar line. The straight shoulder, good the skeletal development, the ginocchio dry, the rather short limbs but the thighs is muscolose and the streaked hoof.

HISTORY: Between the first horses that the Spanish adventurers introduced in the Americas during the XVI century ce n' was some that carried pomellati geniuses. Through the Indians of plains, these and other horses were diffused towards North to leave from Mexico and constituted the elements base of the created race from the Noses Pierce to you, one trib of the states north-orientals of the United States. The Noses Pierce to you were between devout the skillful Indian breeders of horses and to leave from the 1700 they put into effect rigid politics of selective reproduction, that it previewed the castration of stalloni not the correspondents to the standards demands and the commerce with others trib for giumente not adapted. Even if the color and the ornamentazione were determining elements, like it were for all the trib Indian, the Noses Pierce to you demanded sturdy horses from job above all, adapted are to the war are for the hunting. Gi in the 1806 value of the horses of the Noses Pierces to you wide was recognized. The Appaloosa race came totally swept via settant' years after, when the American government s' impossess of lands of the pellirosse transferring these in reservoirs and ristabil in 1938 with the creation of the Appaloosa Horse Club.


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ATTITUDES: It comes used for the free time, the jump obstacles, in the contests of the cow-boy and the raids by horseback on the long distances

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