The fish that can be raise to you in Aquarius do not heat to you and that they are original of the rivers of the Far East and Europe they come considers moderated sweet water species you. These fish were first to be raise to you from the man, originally to alimentary scope: and the ancient shape was just this devout of "acquariofilia". Although the red Fish is still devout the popular one of this species, also others, like the Koi, are a lot appreciated. Many of these, between the other, have colorations less do not live us than those of the fish tropicali.Un advantage of this breeding that pu to be extended also to the bathtubs from garden, inasmuch as some fish become large too much for being always maintained in Aquarius. Other advantages are that these fish reproduce themselves easy, are easy to find and eat without problems eat to me in commercio.Per preparing an Aquarius of this type necessary by it are not termostato by it equipments for the heating of the water. In compensation, it must make attention that the temperature of the water does not go up too much, especially in summer, perch in this case lowers the level of oxygen, with serious risk for the life of the fish. then to increase the aeration well and to remove a po' of cold water, adding some devout. A disadvantage of this type of breeding that the moderated sweet water fish have devout need of space regarding the species tropical, and therefore is necessary to hold little exemplary, or to procurarsi one large bathtub devout.

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