The rectums them are not of the true and own domestic animals and have made their appearance in our houses more rather recently except in some Asian populations, that they accommodated and they accommodate in house of the snakes in order to fight the rats or in Middle East and many zones of the Mediterranean where they come held in the rooms of the gechi like natural insecticides. To hold in house these scaly hosts does not want to say that crazy or an other, perch also these our friends know to make company and in devout it gives the possibilit to us to know devout give close of the animals that otherwise we would not see never or nearly.

In order to see the breeds from we dealt until this moment cliccare on the corresponding name on the left of the screen, if still the species does not appear that to you interests the following richiedetela to address ( ) we will be lieti to deal it to the devout ones soon

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