"operated this morning the first wounded poiana of the new venatoria season, arrived Sar impallinata to Salvage center wild fauna of the Lipu of Rome , in the heart of the Bioparco. Be E' recovered slid saturday, day of preopening of the hunting, in via Scarafone to Boville Ernica, the frosinate ones, capacity yesterday from Lipu section of Frosinone to our center of the Understood one them, thanks to the synergy between several the attache's to the jobs, than are activated also in the festivity days ". To speak Monica Cirinn , Delegated of the Mayor of Rome to the Rights of the Animals , that it adds: "During the slid venatoria season they have been nearly fifty rapaci impallinati and ready ricoverati to the Lipu of Rome, many remittances in libert, captive others remained in order perch always not devout in a position to flying and chiss how many other animals will be died. E' hour that someone firm this practical vergognosa ".


"the impallinata poiana not in life danger, but we do not know if potr to return to fly it explains Francesca Manzia , responsible of the Salvage center Wild Fauna of the Lipu of Rome . . As it turns out clearly from the slab that we have made yesterday, not hardly the arrived animal, introduces one fracture decomposed to the femore of the left leg and to the articulation omero-radio to ulnare. E' therefore doubly compromised, to the leg, fundamental for procurarsi the food, and to the wing, necessary in order to fly ".

. Il Salvage center Wild Fauna of the Lipu of Rome to via Aldrovandi, 2 (angle tree-lined avenue Fine Arts), to Bourgeois Villa. Open E' seven days on seven, from the 9,30 to the 17,30, continued timetable, tel/fax 06.3201912.


Paola Maria Gianni cell. 338/6301121