Scientific Name: Amazilia tzacatl
Family: Trochilidae

Dimension: This colibr along from the tip of along spout to the tip of the tail to maximum 10 cm.
Spread: It lives in all the territory that goes from Mexico to the Venezuela and the Equador.
As habitat prefers the scrubs, but pu to find itself practically ovunque

Behavior: It practically lives in brace in all atmospheres where pu to find its food.
Nutre above all of nectar that succeeds "to suck" from the flowers remaining in flight, it does not scorn some small bug.
It close constructs its nest on rametti thin to the land, to their inside places 2 eggs that will brood both the parents.

In Cattivit: the devout become breeding of this micro bird much simple one from when understood better than what fed itself and therefore from when begun to supply one water mixture, melata, pollen and sugar. to change 2 times to the day.
they have need of water mirrors (go well also of the sottovasi where they can often be bathed).


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:  


REPRODUCTION in cattivit: they are not known turns out to you positi to you.

Reperibilit: in commerce at least we much difficult one to find.