Estrilda troglodytes

The every coral spout with probabilit the species of the family of the frequently imported Astrildidi devout. The first exemplary reached in Europe the met of 1700. The birds are little demanding, it lives to us and much tolerant in the comparisons of other species much. The coral spout a lot difficultly is reproduced in cage; in voliera   instead possible to obtain of the reproduction, purch driven in vegetation is present one and folto a carpet derbe. The wedding parade of the male constituted from a species of dance executed with a po of material from construction in the spout. The nest constructed from both parents, of usual rather low between the bushes or directly on the ground in driven in means allerba. Laccoppiamento happens on the edges of the nest. The female places from 3 to 8 eggs; during the day the male d with regolarit the change to the companion in broods, while during the night this task is up exclusively to the female.

The young people are born after 11 or 12 days of incubation and introduce skin the yellowish and covered color from a driven in one piumino bluastro; to the angles of the spout they are present of the pupille of intense blue color. On the schiusa in then the succeeded delbreeders dallalimentazione depends that it comes somministrata to the parents. These must receive, beyond to vitto ordinary, tarme of the flour, eggs of ant and above all a large one quantit of alive bugs (making attention that they are not contaminates to you from pesticidi). The young people abandon the nest towards the 18 - 20 days of ET. Gi to two weeks of life possible to begin to recognize the males from theirs cinguettio. Lalimentazione of base of these birds must be constituted from the usual exotic seed mixture for buyable in the storees specializes to you, to which they go added panic in ears, seeds germinate to you, ears of unripe piantaggine, yield and varied verdura.

it decorates the advanced part of the nest with some much lively colored object, like as an example pezzetti of paper.  


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Lhabitat of election of this species. that it catches up the length of 9-10 centimeters, the dellAfrica dry steppe orients them and western from the north dellEtiopia and the Sudan to the Gambia comprising all the regions adjacent with the Sahara. In some regions the much abundant coral spout, while in others its presence much sporadic. This species seems however in strong numerical contraction because of the continuous alive exemplary capture. The female has the spout of less intense red color regarding the male also the red band that it crosses nearly locchio imperceptibly devout short and devout tightened.

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