Cacatua moluccensis

Cacatua of the Molucche one of the cacatua devout large and devout beautiful. It catches up the 50 centimeters of length, 17 goddesses which are up alla tail. The wings measure 31 centimeters. The forelock, splendid, pu to rise 18 centimeters very.

When excited, it raises, beyond to the crest, also the pens of the neck, the nape and the chest, forming one species of collar. The seies are difficultly distinguibili.Gli exemplary of recent import must come raise to you in a great metallic cage where they can explain the wings but not be put to fly. If very attended to, they are tamed fastly and they become resistant rather to the cold.

With their much sturdy spout these birds are in a position to reducing in schegge of the small aces; perci advisable to put to they disposition some green branch on which exercising the jaws. In the greater part of the cases this cacatua comes alone raised.

If if it wants some to try the necessary reproduction that the brace comes lodged in one great metallic voliera to the outside. The voliera dovr to come covered from a roof and the birds must are only leave you between the spring and the autumn to you. In winter the brace goes transferred in a premises where the temperature never does not come down under the zero. Suitable the devout nests are those natural ones; the better solution always constituted from a large log cable. In lack of a this advisable artificial nest in wood, high
150 cm and with the square base of 40 X 40 cm. The opening must have a diameter of 17-20 cm.

Generally the female places 3 or 4 eggs that broods without aid from part of the male for approximately 35 days. The young people introduce the same livery of the adults; the red glare lacks however they, that the feeding comes acquired one or two ET years must mainly comprise sunflower, oats, maize, nocciole and above all a large one quantit of fruit of every kind, without to forget knows them mineral and vitamins. Indispensable the bugs in the riproduttivo period.  


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