Four of the ten subspecies of Sulphurea Cacatua they come called large cacatua to yellow forelock.

Their dimensions arrive to 49 centimeters, 21 of the which due to the tail. The dominant color the white man, while the forelock on the yellow head. The large ones cacatua to yellow forelock, if it acquires to you still young, let to tame a lot easy and become particularly affectionate very soon; they can learn to pronounce entire phrases and to fischiettare some motivetto. Usually they do not come raises to you to held braces alone but, to the only scope of having a little company.

Wanting some to try the breeding it becomes necessary to accommodate them in one great voliera in metallic net, equipped of an effective shelter.

For the nidificazione they have need of a great log cable. Having of the possibilit it convene to make to cohabit various exemplary of cacatua in order concurring with everyone of they to choose just the partner. Succeeding increases to a lot the possibilit to us of. The female differs from the male for the iride of the tawny-red eye, while that one of the tawny-black male. In cavit of the nest, imbottita partially with detritus the vegetables nearly decomposed, the female places two eggs elliptic white women and, measuring 47 X 34 milimeter. The hard incubation 30 days and the parents the change is given: the male broods during the day and the female during the night.

The young people remain in the nest for 6-11 weeks; all.involo they are similar the adults, unless for a grayish glare on the sommit of the head, the back and the wings. The large ones cacatua to yellow forelock go feed to you like the others cacatuini. They have however constant necessit of fruit of every kind.

The mineral elements go somministrati miscelati to the animal food to the egg; they are most important above all in the period of the breeding of the small. In this phase, always delicate, they go somministrati also bugs several, I luff bubbled, strawberries, carrots, ravanelli, seeds of hemp and seeds of sunflower. When calm the large one cacatua from the yellow forelock holds the forelock refolded on the sommit of the head. When instead excited it explains the forelock like if he were a fan.


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