spinus cucullatus carduelis cucullata

we thank freegiampi in order to have sended the photo to us of its beautifulst male

I l cardinalino in nature

Ransom 12 cm. with a shape similar to a cardellino in miniatura, head black shining, Back red shining with infiltrations of black, chest, neck, ventre, sottocoda, and codione red intense, wings black with the typical devout crossing of color orange or less tending to the red one, Tail black, spout gray pearl with black apex, Legs of the same color of the spout. A huge subject in which the clear design with red and the black one that enunciates in clean way. The most obvious sexual dimorfismo; the female, in fact, only introduces the red color on the chest and the codione, while the rest of a uniform dark gray.


The cardinalino it lives in the regions to mild climate of the Venezuela and Colombia and in particular way to altitudes that they border on the 1700 meters with temperatures on the 18 degrees that are constant for all lanno. The two seasons anniversaries (summer and boreal winter) are characterized from lestate rain absence dinverno and intense during, than hard from May to November. Allinizio dellestate begins the riproduttiva phase. Eggs (4 or 5 white man-rose) come placed in a nest skillfully constructed with fibers vegetables on the bushes. After 12 days the small, covered are born from shave piumino gray, that they come feeds you from both parents with unripe seeds and bugs for approximately a month, and then with to they begin their erratic life to the search of the food. Seen the unfavorable conditions climatic difficultly it comes begun a second one brooded.


Draft of a species not easiest maintenance, in fact this spinus suffers lacclimatazione, being rather delicate and sopporta abrupt alimentary and climatic variations. If the maximum attention is not lend they can make up for the typical internal inflammation from stress that pu to carry them, through one long agony made of continuous fallen back until death. In order to obviate to such disadvantages opportune to insert the subjects in a calm premises and to supply the same used feeding dallallevatore that has yielded them and in the case to vary it a lot slowly. The subjects that have completed the first dumb one are devout sturdy regarding those as soon as svezzati. The opportune winter temperature that does not come down under the 10 degrees, but if the subjects are healthy, does not exist limits; inconvenient lunico that one to see them "leggermente appallonati" during cold the devout months.


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The necessary hours of light oscillate between the 14 and the 16 to the day, while the sufficient temperature that does not come down under the 18 degrees. Like for all the others spinus, the nest goes leggermente hung in the point devout illuminated of the cage and pu to be masked with of the "green". In order to avoid differences det between the small the placed eggs go removed and replaced with those of plastic in order then to be remittances to their place to the deposition of the fourth egg. Some breeders in order to increase the yield quantitative of the braces use nannies in order to raise the cardinalini, I are contrary to this practical one.


we thank sig Antonio Marazzo for the realization of this card.