Cuneata Geopelia, Columbidi Columbidae



This dove in miniatura measure hardly 19-22 centimeters and adapted particularly well all.breeders in cattivit demonstrating itself little demanding.

however advisable to hold it in voliera rather than in cage, where the female pu to equally place eggs without in order brooding them or without to raise the born small.

This perfectly adapted species to the European climate, a lot that pu to pass the winter in one voliera to the open, purch protect from the airflows and the excess umidit In one voliera popolata from small bushes the dove diamond nests very gladly; this species often used for the incubation of rare eggs of species of Columbidi devout and devout restie to riprodursi. The male in particularly burning love; during the wedding parade inchina several times in front of the female straightening itself at the same time in vertical the pens of the tail explained fan.

After the connection the birds construct to a natural nest in means to leaves and coppers, or use an artificial nest (a small open baskets or one cassette) place to they disposition. As material in order to construct to the nest the dove diamond it prefers rametti the buckets, the hay and the straw.

They come placed two eggs white women, smooth, whose 16 dimensions are of 20 X milimeter. In the greater part of the cases the two members of the brace are alternated in brood, than hard 13 days. The chicks develop a lot fastly and abandon the nest to l0 ET days During the breeding of the small necessary to put to disposition of the doves diamond mile seeds, of poppy, panic in ears, tritate verdure fine and animal food to the integrated egg with proteiche substances.

And possible to together raise devout braces of doves of lover only in voliere very spaziose poich the males they are much aggressive in the cares of the conspecifici of the same sex. instead advisable together raising this columbide to small birds of other species.


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