The coturnice a galliforme bird. The immediate sign of acknowledgment of this bird, the whose scientific name Alectoris graeca, undoubtedly the voice; its callback consists in a melodioso uit-uit-uit; it marks them of alarm corresponds large way to a k-k-kwowk; in spring and autumn, its song becomes rich of numerous varying with one detached connotation that sound to the incirca in tcertsi-ritt-ci.



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This bird catches up the length of trentacinque centimeters.
Its piumaggio of color tawny gray, to the throat introduces one spot white woman.
Its ideal habitat is the lands elevates to you, is stony that full of rocks, to times, it happens to us mostly in winter, it is found also in mountain in zones with plants sempreverdi and the underbrush.
In Italy pu to meet itself on the Alps and the PreAlps.

It constructs its nest of preference between cliffs.
Thanks to its hearing a lot developed and one seen much acute one, this bird succeeds to escape very easy to the hunters: appiattisce quickly

This card be sended to us from Alfeo R.