Erythrura gouldiae Estrildidae Astrildidi

     the beautifulst subjects of the photos are of tila79

  The diamond of Gould, than from some authors comes ascribed to the Poephila kind, without some beautiful doubt one of devout the species of existing birds. This described diamond for before the time in the 1844 from celebre the painter and ornithologist John Gould. It is demonstrated much demanding as far as temperature and it goes perci maintained of preference in flights was from apartment or in one greenhouse-voliera. The ideal temperature around the 20; absolutely indispensable that does not take place thermal jolts and that umidit the relative dell.aria is always rather low. The feeding must be formed from scagliola, mile white man, panic and niger in equal parts.
In the riproduttivo period it goes supplied to the birds the animal food all.uovo and some proteico food of animal origin. Indispensable they are revealed knows them mineral, supplied under shape of egg shell sterilizes to you, old bones of small cuttlefish and calcinacci, and also the vitaminici integrators. In the winter months some breeders somministrano once to the week the oil of cod liver; many profits turn out also the seeds germinate to you and very it washes to you. The diamond of Gould stretches unfortunately in cattivit maintaining riproduttiva the chronology austral and therefore to nest European nell.autunno-winter. The material construction to supply the birds must be much varied poich every manifest individual of the own preferences. Some braces imbottiscono too much highly summarizedly the nest and therefore must take part the breeder. The brooded one comprises quite of usual from 4 to 8 eggs (in some case until to 12) of 17 X 13 milimeter that i parents brood to turn for 14-16 days. The small abandon the nest after 22-24 days and become self-sufficient people to 35-45 ET days Some females demonstrate riproduttrici bad ones: it becomes therefore necessary to entrust eggs and small to braces of sparrows of Japan that act as from nannies.

Me stancher never not to continue to repeat to all the breeders of exotic who the breeding through deleterious and counter-productive the aid of nannies for the safeguard of the health and rusticit of all the birds that give they come it raises to you.

Same I have had way to propose, and in future rifaring, a Course of Ornithology for the elementary schools of my zone. One of the fundamental points in order to attract the attention of the teacher and the familiar ones be that one to evidence two important aspects a lot of ours attivit.

  1)             Preservare the species raised in the full load of their health and to safeguard them from an eventual extinction in Nature (as an example sees Cardinalino of the Venezuela and Diamante di Gould).

  2)             Protect the species thanks to the breeding in cattivit demolishing cos a little ethical commerce of wild animals us.

  Hour, if the first point is wanted to be respected, it must by force of things to preservare the species, to maintain them in health for a probable future reinserimento (if ce of sar need) in their natural atmosphere. The maintenance of the health and rusticit of one species however one duty of the breeder, independent from the fact that the animals can then reinseriti or less in nature.

This maintenance of the integrit of the species is only carried out with the breeding in cattivit without the aid of nannies.

It is not misinterpreted to me, are not absolutely a fanatical protezionista, indeed, they are favorable to the breeding in cattivit of many birds, even if, effectively, regulation to ours must place one attivit, sure one exasperated regulation much less and incomprensibile one than that one that vige currently in Italy.  

  Finished this short parenthesis I would want to explain some main reasons for which preferibile the breeding in "purity" of the Gould.

In the first place the necessit to maintain there the tendency of the Gould lives to raise independently. With the exasperated one I use of the nannies, provokes in fact an unavoidable worsening of the capacit of breeding of the subjects, worsening that pu to be provoked from various factors like as an example the fact that the Gould they have been "impintati" from the Sparrows of Japan that could interfere with they in the attivit riproduttiva. If the breeding in purity wants itself to be tried it would be much profit to remove all the Sparrows of Japan from the breeding in such way that do not interfere minimally with the attivit riproduttiva of the Gould. An other cause of the lessening of the capacit to raise could be a progressive debilitamento caused from the secretion lack particular of the gozzo that only the conspecifici of the Gould possess and that the Sparrows cannot supply (principles nourished to you, antibodies). Consequently the Gould raises you from the Sparrows is tendentially devout small, devout weak people and devout subjects to the diseases and the avversit climatic. Problems with the Gould cos raise are manifested to you generally in the period of the dumb one where such birds to times muoino. The Gould raises to you from the parents has many devout ones probabilit to exceed such critical period. I have noticed that dumb the much fast one and does not introduce problems, to part moreover rare cases, in all those subjects raises to you from the own parents.

  But after all what must make in order to raise the Gould in purity?

I me stancher never not to repeat that the Gould Diamonds are not Mandarin, they are with the exception of these, a po' devout demanding. Pu not to expect itself to obtain succeeded with the Gould without a corrected lodging and a healthy one and it completes feeding. For having a high percentage of successes necessary to lodge the Gould in cages preferibilmente from 60 cm (even if I use 45 cm). The Gould must preventively be prepares to you in the dry sense that, after an taken care of selection of the subjects and after to have discarded all those abulici, go begun the somministrazione of a rich feeding, constituted from a normal mixture, only containing mile white man, panic, scagliola and nothing other, and from a pastoncino (absolutely not humid), stirred to seeds softens to you or also it germinates, having cure to change them every day to you. Beyond to this fortifying and of the vitamin equips and, that it would have in theory to favor the reproduction. If the possibilit is had of leggermente infrascare the cages in prossimit of the nest, the possibilit of happening increases remarkablly. The grit does not have to never lack.

When the braces arrive to the deposition, it would have endured to understand if these are good or not. Generally the braces that brood assiduously have devout probabilit to raise. In the case such braces however do not raise the prole hardly NATO, it is provided to make "alternatively to turn novels" under the nest of a brace of Sparrows or other Gould that they raise and to leave always some small in the nest of the brace that it obviously does not raise (after avergli made to receive some imbeccata from other birds). This method of "spin" of novels sortisce to the end, the second or third day, the wished effect, in the sense that the Gould would have to begin to feeding their novels. E' much difficult one that the Gould abandons the brood when the novels gi are impiumati. E' instead possible (for who raises in Winter), than if the nest not adequately isolated thermally or if in novels is little, than the parents they abandon, like of norm, the nest to seven - eight days, without moreover to stop of feeding the small. If it happens cos the small for they cool and they die.

The weaning would have to be carried out around the 50 life day. The Gould begins to being independent and independently to feed a lot soon regarding the others ucccelli (obviously if it raises to you in purity).  


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For who then it wanted to try the breeding to the outside in the primaverile period, the things would have to work still better if the birds are lodge to you in repaired cages or volierette from infrascate 120 cm and with the somministrazione of the feeding previously described. The reproduction in the primaverile period would be the ideal in our zones. Not creed in fact that the Gould is cos weak people like usual to define them. They resist well to the summery thunderstorms and can calmly be only leave you the outside (if previously it accustoms to you) in the period that goes from May to September. My Gould that currently they are to the outside, enjoys optimal health, to the contrary of when I held them in the local breeding where they seemed to suffer being always a po' abulici. Moreover their voice appears clear and clear to the contrary of some times when they seem not to succeed to sing, perhaps devout for one particular delicacy of the aerial ways rather than for the feared respiratory acarus. When a Gould comes noticed while "pipette", endured it is believed that it is affection from the respiratory acarus, and due to other pathogenic agents is not believed to an eventual pathology. One what that I have noticed the particular one sensibilit of the aerial ways of such ucceli to the powder, would not be therefore impossible one they eventual shape asthmatic when they are found in premises to the closed one, the contrary us that it happens when they are found again to the pure air of the external atmosphere.

After all these are some personal councils in order to try to obtain the breeding in purity of these wonderful birds. For recorded, who raises with not amatoriali scopes such species, best that lasci to lose this type of breeding, perch would go encounter to great economic disappointments sure.

For last I would want to finish saying that the term "purity" the correct word in order not to define the breeding without the aid of nannies.

we thank the sig. Franc Red for the realization of this card