Guttata Taeniopygia   


The Mandarin diamond (Taeniopygia (Poephyla) Guttata Castanotis), a likeable and elegant passeriforme pertaining to the family of the Estrildidi. The main characteristics of this species are the extraordinary one adattabilit to the captiva life, a enough lively character, of the extremely several colorations and the strong friendship that stretches to create with lallevatore. 8-10 lives medium years.

This species in diffuse nature mainly in Australia, the humid zones of the savana, and long the rivers of water course. And also possible to meet it in the barren praterie and the rich sterpaglie of which nearly all atolls comprised oceanic continent arcipelaghi and. And be introduced in Europe like new domestic stock allinizio of the ight hundred.

And uccellino that it loves a lot to bathe itself, characteristic that conserve also in cattivit. According to the studies of some naturalists, this species has developed the possibilit of drink - perhaps because of the deficiency of sweet waters in special way in the atolls - also marine water.

And a calm sociable bird much, characteristic that in nature the door to living in comunit much numerous, dominating a limited territory in the pressed ones of the nest, constructed to modest heights on the shrubs but also on the trees where coppers and leaves are devout driven in.

Unfortunately for this species in reduced nature a lot because of the reduction of natural atmospheres, mainly alluded allopera due delluomo and of pesticidi and to the spread of infectious diseases.

Their aspect and sexual dimorfismo.
The Mandarin Diamond along approximately 10-12 cm. The typical livery introduces the apex and the advanced of groppone and the copritrici the grays, with shadings brunastre and obvious parts mustacchi white men border you of black.

From the present chest throat met a black cross-sectional crossing on bottom gray ash, that thick black band finishes in means of the chest with one. The characterized rest of the ventre from a beige clearly that it vanishes towards the cloaca in the white man. The male distinguished from the female for the presence of a wide auricular spot of ignited color orange and, from a variable number of "puntinature" candid white man on the flanks.

Other ways in order to recognize the sex of ours diamantini are:
1. The color of the spout, than red a lot ignited in the male and sullarancione in the female.
2. The song: in fact only the male sings, while the female only limits itself to a Pee Pee, if cos I can express itself.
3. In some types of mutations it must see if present one drop of blue color under locchio; if present male if not femminuccia, but this rule is not always worth.

Many mutations of the Mandarin diamond exist: gray, white man, isabella, make black, diluted, masked, clear and tawny back. There are then little known mutations like George, larricciato and ventre black.


No breeding to signal
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breeders of the Mandarin diamond does not introduce many problems, indeed lideale for who it wants to begin to cultivate the own ornithological passion. And uccellino a much resistant one is to the warmth that to the cold, but what absolutely must avoid of esporlo to currents daria cold, or to continuous jolts of temperature, that they are absolutely harmful to their health. We avoid therefore to move the cage in continuation from a place allaltro and to lodge it in repaired but areato place.

On purpose of cage Like lodging our small friends?

As far as the cage, someone advises minimal dimensions 42x24x33 (cm at least), but I, given the vivacit of this species, feel myself to advise one minimal measure at least 64x39x37cm or still better than 90x40x44 cm. Personally I have adopted questultima solution; I have in fact one cage from breeding in aluminum, with estraibili lateral mangiatoie for one easy pulizia and with dividing.

I recommend the posatoi, they must be of the just dimension and must allow an easy one pulizia is inner that external. I say also inner perch pu to capitare that if the neglected ones, inner can form acarus, than attacking our friends they could carry to consequences much series if not died them. In order to control enough to watch if they are present small red dots on the posatoi or quantaltro in the cage.

For deep cage, maize council tutolo in sale in all the uccellerie, or lettiera alternative detailed list for pappagallini waves (draft to you of small pietrine). Absolutely to avoid newspapers or printed publication paper, poich the diamantini they are loving of pecking rapidly all us that they find on the bottom of the cage and could ingest some; linchiostro present on toxic it for our small friends.

An other fundamental thing the bagnetto! In fact as gi said they are loving dellacqua. It must therefore supply they a vaschetta with cleaned up water, in which they they will be amused to dive itself within and washing itself. A single council: necessary to change every day lacqua and if devout braces in one are present cage also two times to the day.

Lalimentazione of the Mandarin diamond not particularly critical; the normal mixture for exotic of small ransom in sale in all the uccellerie, constitutes the base of their feeding.

And advisable in order to adopt two various types of mixtures based on the period dellanno:

Period from March to October, for 1 kg of compound:

Yellow panic: 40%.
Scagliola: 20%.
Mile White man: 15%.
Red panic: 10%.
Niger: 5%
Red Mile: 5%
Seeds condition 5% to you.

Period from November to February, for 1 kg of compound:

Yellow panic: 30%.
Scagliola: 15%.
Mile White man: 15%.
Red panic: 10%.
Niger: 10%
Red Mile: 10%
Seeds condition 10% to you.

Beyond to the mixture of which over they do not have to never lack: bone of small cuttlefish, grit marine made up of shells dostrica crushed and during the riproduttivo period yellow animal food. Questultimo goes somministrato approximately one week before the deposition and during the birth and the weaning of the pulli, accompanied from animal food for insectivora. They are also ghiotti of panic ears, but they go somministrate with moderation in order not to unbalance the diet.

Pu to equip also red duovo hard, bubbled in order at least 15 minuteren. Attention for that the eggs come from healthy breedings perch could have been dealt with antibiotics.

As far as the verdure and the fruit, they go well: spinaci, lattuga, ag of shepherdesses, carrot, apple, Mandarin etc.. To avoid the capsicum and not to somministrare the prezzemolo absolutely, than toxic.

They exist moreover prepares to you polivitaminici to somministrare nellacqua or in powder, sprayed on their seeds. Personally of council the single somministrazione in case of pathology and never for advanced periods to 10gg consecutive, poich an excess of vitamins pu to cause to devout problems that not one lack. I believe that a healthy and balanced diet, without imbalances or excesses supplies they all us of which they have need without having to resort to these products.

On purpose for who he wanted to prepare good pastoncino homely I supply you an easy easy prescription that I use:

to stir in equal parts until amalgamating them, well red of hard egg, bread fine grattuggiato (or better still of the slices biscottate or of biscotti polverizza you) and grattuggiata fresh carrot. The compound goes leggermente bathed with mineral water or better anchor with juice than natural apple so that it turns out soft and humid. Pu to join a needle of knife of it knows them mineral or of powder of small cuttlefish bone.
For the opportune species devout delicate to add an appropriate polivitaminico complex or of I leaven of beer (vitamin bearer b, of proteins and precious fementi in synthesis) in dose from means or a gram to the day for brood.
This animal food goes giornalmente prepared perch the carrot, species in the warm months irrancidisce easy. Pu to conserve itself in refrigerator for a pair of days but it does not have somministrarlo to cold to the flown ones them. If the animal food to the egg comes prepared of time in time pu to add itself to it also of the polpa of grattugiata apple.

A last thing to consider lacqua that it goes every day changed or quite 2 times to the day in the warm devout months. One bad idea not to add allacqua 1-2 lemon drops that serve to bring vitamins and maintain lacqua pure devout along.

The reproduction of the Mandarin diamond not d excessive problems, but the subjects must have old lanno of ET. And most important not to allow the reproduction to small devout subjects. In our country it happens in the primaverile-summery period, but c to say that by now adapted to place all lanno; what important to grant they at least two riproduttive pauses lanno of the duration of approximately 30-40gg moon in order concurring dumb and a rest of the subjects. It moreover must have laccortenza not to allow the brace devout of 3 brooded allanno in order pregiudicar of the state of health, even if many persons of it have allowed 5 or 6 allanno saying without particular problems. This pu also true being but in the long run could carry to a weakening of the parents and the sickly small birth gracilini or.

The Mandarin diamonds place, a maximum of 8 eggs for brooded, but medium they are 5 that brood for approximately 15 days; but they can arrive also to 20 in the winter period. For the choice of the nest there are two roads: that classic to pear, to they a lot appreciate but little works them for the control of eggs, the nascituri and for the pulizia in a generalized manner; and that one to plastic cassette, openable advancedly, but to they little appreciate.

As material for limbottitura we will supply the classics spins in sale in all the uccellerie or stoffa cut to striscioline. Someone use to supply also wadding, but I advice against it perch could be attacked to the zampine and to provoke is physical damages that the accidental breach of eggs. Allimbottitura of the nest supplies both even if of usual actively the male who prepares it for velocit record, in order then to carry out its dance of courtship towards the female to which following laccoppiamento that hard approximately 2-3 second and generally in the timid devout subjects happens allinterno of the nest.

It broods true and own it happens after the deposition of the 2-3 egg, and for this reason the schiusa of eggs not contemporary but it happens to 1 day of distance moon dallaltra.

When they are born are implumi, small and of tawny color. Allinterno of the throat has a particular one puttern, that it allows the parents to identify them like they. After approximately 4 weeks they abandon the nest, and to 30-32 days possible to separate them from the parents since they eat independently. Indeed if one does not separate them the parents could attack them and to drive away them poich they must be prepared to unaltra brooded.

The diamonds Mandarin I can ibridarsi with other subjects of the same species, like the sparrows of Japan, the diamond codalunga, diamond guttato, diamond fetonte and zebrato etc

The diamonds Mandarin are sturdy birds much and little are the pathology of which they can be bearers. The secret to dedicate they the time necessary to guarantee one good pulizia of the cage and unalimentazione, like gi said before, varies and balanced.

The subjects in good state of health are lively and curious, they have piumaggio I polish and cleaned up, do not have to be sonnolenti, n to be on the bottom of the cage or falling from the posatoi.

Symptoms are several that can preannounce diseases:

1. The ruffled, dirty and maleodorante piumaggio.
2. Irregular appetite, to times insufficient, times exaggerated, times of the all absent.
3. The dirty cloaca of I made, the sleepiness and the dellequilibrio loss.
4. If luccello it has I made them liquid too much wants to say that the food humid, or however too much poor of Knows them mineral.
5. If the legs swell and they cover of squame wants to say that posatoio the plastic species if goes changed with one of wood, and it is always advised to cut nails when they become long too much.
6. Devout pathologies exist also serious as it blocks internal or infuences, that they cause morie generates them, but in such cases c little to make. Lunico remedy sopprimere the sick exemplary and to disinfestare cages and eats to me.

Problematic pathologies and during the reproduction:
When the pulli they exit from the nest are often attacks you from many types of diseases, and therefore to put a drop of vitamins to the day for a week nellacqua of the birdcage tray, that it goes every day changed, advisable.

Pu to capitare that the female places eggs with the shell much fragile one, means that its poor diet to us of soccer, or that too much young.

If the male to stretch to throw eggs from the nest is to mean that of new in heat or that he does not appeal to the companion to it and therefore it must isolate it for a po and then to replace it to the companion together, or to change it directly.

If the parents abandon the nest he means that humid and dirty it too much, or that full of you adorned to you, and therefore it must remove it for disinfestarlo

Here here the basic information, that you can find also in the topic in relief:
These are the main characteristics of the mutations of the diamond mandarino:Ricordate to you for that many times the mutations overlap (dm isabella a chest orange black chest black face a wonder of the nature) and some times for connections mistakes to you exits dm with mutations "to met" (devout the classic one regards the mut. pinguino) or much ugly, sometimes nearly irriconoscibili

Mutation of dominant genetic character. the main livery of the Mandarin diamond. The male introduces the body gray, ventre white man, throat zebrata with wraps finishes them black, black signs under locchio and to flank to the spout divided from a space white man. Orange cheeks, wrap under lala brown with bullets white men, black tail to chess white men. The female introduces the black body gray, ventre and throat beige, signs in the head with the space white man and the tail to chess white men on the secret fund. On this line possible to support whichever mutation

Mutation of recessivo genetic character. And a mutation that as the black chest hits the eumelanine. In the males the color of cheeks anzich to be color orange black, ditto for the flanks that are black with bullets white men, while the female only distinguishes itself from the normal schools for the presence of cheeks of black color like the male

Mutation of dominant genetic character. This mutation provokes in the males the change of color of the zone between the two strisce dellocchio and of the spout that anzich to be black white woman becoming a tutt' with the strip dellocchio and of the spout, the bar of the chest goverflow in good part towards the ventre and the piume of the sottocoda screziate of black. In the female instead lunica dellancestrale difference the color between the strip dellocchio and of the spout that anzich to be grey white woman.

This mutation of recessivo genetic character. And a mutation that hits the eumelanine of the chest, to expand the black band of the chest fine inferior allattaccatura of the spout, eliminates the strisce dellocchio, the bullets of the flanks becomes of shape oval, the design of the cheek is increased leggermente, and the design of the tail anzich to be to square and of base cream with black strip that runs along the rachide. Instead in the female it comes to lack the strip dellocchio and the design of the tail becomes like written before for the male.


Mutation to genetic character legacy to the sesso.Nel tawny is had does not complete oxidation of eumenaline.La the structure of the eumenaline modification (from shape of rod to devout ovalizzata);la a coloration from grey is become tawny and the possibilit not to manifest the black color to you in the fenotipo.Infine the tawny one introduces the same characteristics of the gray like designs, varying, therefore, only in the color

Mutation of genetic character legacy to the sex. This determines one partial reduction of the contained melanine in beards and barbules of the piume of the cape. In this mutation differences are denoted that hit both seies that for maintain invariati the designs distinguished to you. The head and the nape are of color gray pearl, on the present cervix a light dark picchettatura and the back and the wings are of vanished color uniform dark cream of gray, the difference between head nape and back wings must be clean.

Mutation to genetic character legacy to the sex. This mutation determines one strongest reduction of the eumelanine. The body becomes color cream, all the other signs remains immutati also in the female, scolorendo little. The small are born with the red eyes but then they become black growing

Mutation to genetic character legacy to the sex. This mutation determines one strongest reduction of the eumelanine. The body becomes color cream, all the other signs remains immutati also in the female, scolorendo little. The tail instead does not remain black but scolorisce becoming of a beautiful gray pearl.


Mutation to recessivo genetic character. This mutation determines the reduction delleumelanina in some zones and minimal part of the feomelanine. In the males of this variet the strip dellocchio, of the spout, the chest and the codione absent. Head and nape are of color gray, back and wings are of color grays with the pens of the wings that introduce lorlo depigmentato, and the design of the tail of color grigio/bianco to alternate pictures (must be always visible and regular). These descriptions are worth also for the females that for, obviously, do not introduce the design of the cheek and the flanks.

Mutation to recessivo genetic character. In this mutation in the males the eumelanine of the strisce dellocchio, the chest, the spout, the codione and the tail are replaced from the feomelanine, and the same thing is worth for the females that in order do not introduce of it the strip dellocchio of the strip of the spout.

Mutation to dominant genetic character. This mutation strongly determines one reduction of the melanine (eu and feo) contained on all the piumaggio, transforming the common gray in gray silver, the designs distinguished to you clear gray, and in the case of the males the design of the cheek in.bianco cream and the flanks in cream orange clearly with bullets white men.

Mutation to recessivo sessolegato genetic character. This mutation determines one such reduction of the melanine (feo and especially eu) to make to appear the scoloriti body white man and the other signs distinguished to you

IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE (if of it you have one it sendes to us one its photo to )

Mutation to recessivo genetic character. The subject must clearly introduce the spout and legs respective of yellow and yellow color. The designs and the color are same the demands for the variet bound together to the spout-yellow.

IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE (if of it you have one it sendes to us one its photo to )

Mutation to recessivo genetic character. This mutation conserve like standard of base that one of the D. M. gray, or in the variet in which it comes introduced, where for all the designs they must be interrupted from pezzature of color biancocce must be symmetrical and to cover piu or less 50% dellintero piumaggio.

Mutation to genetic character recessivo.Questa mutation stretches to eliminate all the present eumelanine in the comprised piumaggio the designs distinguished to you, therefore in the present mutation isabelle only the feomelanina. A good subject isabella must have a good one uniformit in the color of the piumaggio that of color cream in the female, without some design in the female and of color cream also in the male who maintains for the design of the cheek and the flank. NellIsabella impossible to know if the tawny or grey livery

white man
Mutation to recessivo genetic character. This mutation does not have some design totally and the color of the piumaggio white man. The male and the female distinguish themselves from the color of the spout that in the ignited male piu.

Mutation of dominant genetic character. This mutation strongly provokes one reduction of the melanina is in the male who in the female. The males scoloriscono po a color of the cheek, the flanks and the chest, losing the zebrature of the chest, the codone and the tail. The female instead white woman cream with sun strisce dellocchio and of the spout introducing also the color cheek gray

Mutation of "dominant" genetic character. This mutation allows the apparition of a graceful circoncentrico forelock on the apex of the subject.

The guide sar soon widened with other known mutations less!


Thanks particular to who have offered the photos to us of the own subjects. The dm in issue they are:
Phobos of But (Male gray)
Samira of But (grey Female)
Louis di Solny (Masked Male oo.rr.)
Miranda di Satellite (Masked Female oo.nn)
Gufetto di Alexiuccio (ciuffato Male)
Dagmar of But (ciuffata Female)
One of Alexiuccio (tawny Male)
Fabiola di IlFattore (tawny Female)
Lucia di IlFattore (Female white woman)
Chloe di Solny (Female black cheek)
FrodoII of But (pezzato Male)
Oberon di Satellite (Male Clear Back)
Pingu di Mandarino (Male pinguino)
biagiom76 ( gray makes - gray black chest black female )

Thanks to the most available one fabio in order to have written the guide and to But for the part of the mutations