The pheasant belongs to the species of the galliformi birds.

All the pheasants are above all cover from an elegant livery the many showy males, that they have also the long tail devout for the greater development of the pens helmsman.

The pheasant prefers to settle down itself in opened zones, where alternate the campaigns to the forests, and the spot to the siepe.

The pheasants are animals poligami: the males create their harem of females that take care themselves alone of brood.
For every brooded, the female places from the eight to fifteen eggs of green color uniform olive; the hard incubation venticinque days.


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The small are attended to from the mother: as soon as they exit from the egg accompanies them endured to the search of the food.
They leave the nest a lot soon and they are in a position to flying after fifteen days.
The silverplated pheasant, thanks in the long run tail, catches up the length of a meter and means.

Original E' of China, but comes since raised ovunque the antichi times.
The golden pheasant original of the montuose zones of China, where it lives to high quotas, between the two thousand and it shakes it meters.
This pheasant nutre of leaves and gems of bamb and other types of shrubs.
Good part of the time passes on the land and when scared, also being able to fly, it prefers to scappare running between the intricata vegetation.

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