Ghiandaia the common name for a group of birds of the familia of the Corvidae that includes also the crow, the cornacchia and the gazza ladra.

Many ghiandaie are of small dimensions and of shining colors, some have also the crest.

These birds of usual live in the forests, but some speci are for cosi to say urbanizzate and begin to popular the city parks.

They are much noisy and often we see to them in folti flocks.
They are onnivore, eat amphibious walnuts, ghiande, seeds, small, bugs, eggs and other small birds.


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Some speci of ghiandaie live in Asia and Europe, Garrulus glandarius, whose sottospeci they vary in the dimensions and the color.
They have a length that goes from the 33 to i 36 cm. Many speci live in tropical zones from Mexico to the South America.

Some also in North America like the ghiandaia blue, long cristata Cyanocitta that 30 cm with one prominente crest; of grayish color, the wings are blue clear, the blue tail with of the designs black white men and.

Pressappoco of the same dimensions but without the crest the ghiandaia grey, Perisoreus canadensis that it lives in the conifers of the regions of the north.
Medium grey E' with a chest white man and much frightening one.

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