Scientific name: Uraeginthus granatina
English name: Common Grenadier

Regarding violaceo cousins granatino the much devout rare in the devout Italian breedings while common one in the breedings of the Europe north, especially of Belgium. The less striking male of the violaceo, but in the complex probably turns out devout elegant of the cousins also devout thanks to the serico and fitted closely piumaggio.


Part western south of Angola, Zambia leaves southern of the Zimbabwe. South Africa and Namibia.
E' a common bird in the entroterra of the southern part of Africa. As the enough timid violaceo cousins and very rarely approaches itself to human takeovers preferring the dense spots of acacia.


E' a long bird around to i 14 cm. The adult male has cheeks violette, the blue forehead, sottocoda and intense codione, the black throat and the tail. Tawny head and wings rust and black tail. Spout and ring to perioculare red.
The female introduces the same livery of the male but all the colors devout are diluted and less intense. The throat color chamois.
Also in the granatino common, the sex of the young people determinable a lot prematurely in how much the cheek of the devout males assumes one intense coloration violetta of that one of the females.


Delicate E' devout of the violaceo cousins with which for it shares all the alimentary and riproduttive habits.


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Also being an aggressive bird, less of the violaceo cousins and, if lodged in wide gabions, pu to cohabit with other species of astrildidi, made exception for other braces of the same species.


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