Scientific name: Uraeginthus ianthinogaster
English name: Purple Grenadier

Found E' devout common and granatino the easy present one in the Italian breedings. With to the Granatino cousins he represents one of astrildidi of greater beauty and elegance and the male of this species sure unnoticed in an aviary.


Centromeridionale Kenya and center north of the Tanzania. The subspecies "ugandae" comes from the extreme part south orients them of the Sudan and from the southern part of Ethiopia. Present E' in discontinuous way in Somalia and the north of the Kenya and the Uganda.
E' a enough timid bird that very rarely approaches itself to human takeovers preferring the dense spots of acacia.


E' a long bird around to i 14 cm. The livery of the adult male of great effect inferior Cheeks, chest, parts and intense blue codione or viola purpureo. Tawny head and wings rust and black tail. Spout and in perioculare red.
The female has a modest livery devout and introduces a livery nearly totally tawny-rust to exclusion of the blue ocular zone clearly and of the codione viola.
The sex of the young people determinable a lot prematurely in how much the zone around to the eye in the male is colored, gi to 40 days of life, of viola while the females assume the tenuous blue color of the adults.


As soon as imported it needs of warmth and cures in rather delicate how much but, once acclimatized it turns out peasant rather and very adapted to the life in cage. E' uccellino a much forastico that for, if very attended to, is tamed very quickly arriving to riprodursi also in cages from broods shielded. It needs of one seed mixture of type To, verdura. Mangime the alive essential thing in order to maintain it in good health. Pu to be lodged in cages of 45 cm of length, but in order to maintain integral the piumaggio, moreover much delicate one, is necessary to lodge it in one cage at least 100 cm or in gabion.


E' a bird much aggressive one that convene to lodge isolated from other species in how much in a position to killing the imprisonment companions. The male catches up a lot fastly the shape loving and if not reciprocated from the female the maltratta one until provoking of the dead women. In the malaugurata evenienza that this last one dies it absolutely must avoid to insert one new female in the cage of the male. The male, extremely territorial, could chase it and kill it in little minuteren. It is necessary to put the female to visual contact of the male, but separated from one grill for some devout week and however until that this last not monster signs of calm nervousness and pauses in the vicinities of the female.
Once puttinges to direct contact it is necessary however to observe with discretion the behavior of the male for ridividere the lessened brace I point out of aggressivit of the male.


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One brace very lodged to reproduce enough ready the male to construct to a nest to the inside of one open cassette nest seeds or, if present shrubs in the high part of the cage to directly construct characteristic the globular nest of the species berthing it to coppers. The male in love emits continuously trilli acute and extends to you much similar to those emitting from the representatives of the sort Erythrura.
The brooded one comprises of usual 4-6 eggs white women who the female broods for approximately 12 days. To schiusa the parents they need of one large quantit of prede lives in order to raise the small. In absence case to eat alive the female he expels the small outside from the nest. It convene, perci, to entrust eggs to a reliable brace of hen-sparrows of Japan preventively accustomed to feed itself of a pastoncino highly proteico. To notice that the nidiacei of the sort uraeginthus ask the food without to raise the head, but swinging it of devious, for which only little braces of hen-sparrows of Japan they are in a position to nourishing them the first days since.
E' necessary therefore to select these braces of sparrows and to of the sort reserve them exclusively to the breeding of the small of the members uraeginthus.
The small exit from the nest around to the 14 days of life and they are not still in a position to flying. Three weeks are independent after at least others.

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