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brace of inseparable of Fisher in the /ancestrale wild shape


Pappagallini of the sort the Agapornis comes commonly calls to you inseparable for the fact that always they are distributed to braces to the inside of the enormous colonies that they form in nature and this they hard union for all their life.

brace of inseparable of fisheri formed from green male ancestral bearer of blue and changed female blue

The species that is found in nature in the continent the three African is nine and some sottospecie.Le devout known are species that we see to the beginning of the page and cio the Agapormis fischer, the personata Agapormis, the Agapormis roseicollis, the other species are the inseparable A.Taranta or black wings, the inseparable A.lilianae or of shelley, To. pullariao inseparable from the red face, the inseparable A.nigrigenis or to black cheeks, To. cama or inseparable of madagascar and in end the A.swinderiana that is for reasons of rarit that for its needs alimentary the only not held species adapted and in cattivit beyond to these there also the tarantus:

copy of 1 year of agapornis taranta or inseparable of Abyssinia

it has an obvious sexual dimorfismo in how much
the male has the red forehead and the female not:
He lives on plateaus of Ethiopia

Male: red forehead . . Nape, back, neck and wings color green uniform shining grass. Green chest, ventre and flanks clearly. Remiganti primary black with light green edge to the vessillo. Remiganti secondary and copritrici primary black, yellowish green spallina, under black wing. Helmsman centers them (n 2) greens with black apex. Helmsman lateral (n 10) yellow green with wraps black to three quarters of the length. Green Codrione. Spout: advanced jaw red coral, clear inferior devout. Wax white man rossastra. Contornato dark tawny eye with pupilla black from thin ring composed of piumette red. Legs and fingers gray verdastre. Black nails.

FEMALE: green forehead . . Under green wing. Contornato tawny eye with pupilla black from thin green ring composed of piumette yellowish

photo of the prole all green of prole the green brace and green and blue of the brace changed bearer x


Ransom 14 -15 Cm
eggs approximately 4 - 5 of color White man
SCHIUSA after 22 days
SMALL IN THE NEST 30 days approximately
Duration of the life until 20 years

in before there are 2 braces of inseparable masked (personata) greens in the selvaggia/ancestrale shape and second the their small that hour have 6 months


They live in Africa in numerous groups much, in libert never have not observed braces of these birds that lived in solitudine. In the riproduttivo period some species only stretches to isolate itself for the necessary time to broods and the breeding of the small in order to return later on in the colony together to the prole.

One of the habits of these parrots that one to form of the groups familiar composed from 2-25 subjects, than during the day leads a life for the facts they, returning the evening to the inside of the colony on trees that all know in order to pass the night to you, but also in these moments the familiar groups remain group to you between of they.

Nutrono of the fruits and seeds that they find on the trees of the forest and of the savana not scorning every so often some bug that the understood one to shooting.

(brace of roseicollis or inseparable neck) formed from dark green attacked green female and rose male dx to the slabs

(brace of roseicollis or inseparable neck rose) formed from ancestral green male to right and changed female cinnamon (cinnamon) to sx

young people roseicollis of 4 months sons of the exposed braces over


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:  

In cattivit

They can be held is in cage that in voliera. obviously in a cage that minimal must be of 90 cm l - 50 cm h - 40 cm p,si pu to hold one single brace. In one voliera of good dimensions the cassettes can cohabit various braces but nest (that 18 x must have following dimensions 22 x 16 cm) must be in double number regarding the accommodated braces in order not to create of the zuffe in order to adjudicate the nest.

All the species do not have a great sexual dimorfismo and this to a principiante could cause of the difficolt in the distinction of the seies, in order to distinguish them pu to palpare the town-walls pelvic that in the devout females a wide and elastic Po' in order to allow the passage of the egg, the males in some types of inseparable are devout longilinei, but these differences are much light much devout simple one and to observe the behavior of several the individuals and the food offered ones from part of the male to the female.

An other point in favor of these "clown" of the cage the fact that regarding many other devout Parrots peasant and resists to the low temperatures, also of some degrees under the zero, in order sopporta the temperature jolts that above all take place in spring autumn.

In order to facilitate the deposition of eggs and therefore the reproduction must fornirgli much material type green grass or of the cortecce of salice with which lining the cassetta.i spins of grass and the cortecce of salice they must be fresh in how much supplying this material the percentage of eggs that schiudono increases thanks to the umidit that they supply, however many braces if it comes given to it of the straw supply same they inumidir putting it it in the water of the drinking trough or the vaschetta for the bath (than these birds they adore).

The feeding must be devout varied the possible one and constituted from a seed mixture,in commerce various Marches but all of good exist some of qualit and studied purposely for they. the diet goes integrated with fruit and fresh verdura and in the period of broods must fornirgli a good ones pastoncino from breeding that pu to be left to they disposition also outside from such period.


An other reason in order to raise this simpaticone that it socializes with the man losing many of its fears for the well dealt man well if, quite if raised to the stecco pu to be carried on the shoulders and to be handled and when it comes carezzato on the neck and the head us comunicher its satisfaction swelling the pens.