Scientific Name: Carduelis spinus
Family: Fringillidae

Dimension: this ours uccellino European measure 12 cm.
Spread: E' diffused in all the European atmospheres to exception of the extreme regions of the south.

Behavior: Riproduttivo period lives in small groups ad.eccezione.del
its ideal atmosphere is the forests of conifers where it nests constructing a small nest with rametti and moss to the inside of which it deposits 4-6 eggs that cover for 12-14 days and gi after 13-15gg the uccellini leave the nest (pu to take place second and to times one third brooded).
To outside of the riproduttivo period the small flocks they ramble in prati and long the water course.
Nutre of seeds and small bugs


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:  


In Cattivit: the breeding of this uccellino, than in protected Italy being indisponibile patrimony of the state a much simple and loved time was one of the uccellini devout in how much tames a lot quickly and even if of capture it could be left free in apartment.
in cattivit pu being fed with the common one mangime for canaries.

REPRODUCTION in cattivit: much simple one, and often comes also intercrossed with the canary

Reperibilit: in commerce at least we much difficult one to find.