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Scientific name :
Religious Gracula
Dimensions :
Length : 24 - 39 cm.
Weight : until 250 gr.
Egg number : 2 -3
Time of incubation : 12 - 14 days
Duration of the life : 15 - 20 years
Animal of remarkable intelligence becomes attached with facilit the breeder, it often demonstrates devout to talent of the parrots in imitating the human voice and often it is looked at on the shoulders or the stiff finger of its owner.

It onnivora but its balanced diet following:
it yields, laughed bubbled, mangime for insectivora, larve, bread, milled meat raw, hard egg egg yolk
(little) etc.


By now the purchase be decided and the gracula religious chosen; hour it must take care itself of equally an important problem that it regards the sistemazione, perch must try to lodge in the better way possible our friend in order to make s that one maintains in health the devout ones along. In numerous commerce they find solution, some valid ones less other, that they go winnowed in order to find that one that goes well for the Indian merlon and our house. In order to lodge one maina pu to choose itself:

  •   the classic cage;

  • the artificial tree and the trespolo;

  •   voliera the inner one;

  • the external voliera.

Any is the solution that we will choose we must be sure that it has these simple characteristics:

  • that it is devout large the possible one;

  • that it is it rations them and it works them for we and for the animal;

  • that it is easy to clean up;

  • that the chosen materials are resistant.

  But we pass hour to analyze the single possible solutions. In commerce cages of all are found the shapes and constructed with various materials; the shape better that rectangular that is developed in length, perch devout consona to the characteristics of the Indian merlon which accustomed to hop and not to scramble up as they make the parrots; moreover the birds fly in horizontal and therefore a tight but high cage does not allow it to make exercise. As far as the dimensions it goes said that no sufficiently large cage for a bird, above all for a lively one as the gracula religious it knows es evenings; however a cage must have at least the dimensions of 70 x 70 x 100 cm, of otherwise risente the health. If we are not in a position to offering to our friend a valid lodging we must keep in mind that we can accustom it to make some small voletto in house every day for dargli the possibilit to make the necessary exercise physical. In this case we must take to all the due precautions, perch pu to blink against the glasses of the windows hurting itself, or pu to cause of the damages to the suppellettili. The round cages that are found near the storees specialize to you are many beautiful ones aesthetically, but little it works them for the animal, perch the insufficient space to disposition and perch does not offer a repaired angle in which the Indian merlon pu to hide itself when scared or when it wants to rest calm. The cages better than can be found on the market are those called English, with three of five sides sluices from panels that repair the subject from airflows, from indiscreet eyes and moreover they avoid that the dirt falls outside from the cage. Other characteristic that the cage must have the drawer you collect estraibile dirt and of easy washable material, so as to to be able to easy maintain one sure indispensable hygiene for the health of the maina. The shops must be sufficiently large from being able to enter with one hand in order to extract the gracula religious without to hurt it. If the laterally fortified cage of two small shops them we can comfortably use for the mangiatoie so as to not to disturb the animal when we give the food to it. Last, but not little important, the choice of the material with which constructed the cage; the Indian merlon not rosicchia the slabs as they make the parrots and therefore pu to choose also the wood, but this material with the time ruin and is moreover become ugly and pu to become easy ricettacolo of pidocchi and acarus. Washable and moreover not easy disinfettabile and therefore better to address itself on the galvanized iron or eventually painted that it remains unchanged with the time.  


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The just feeding of the Indian merlon turns out to be of vital importance for assicuragli the elements nourished to you necessary to its health; in nature the animal knows to alone regulate itself to find the food adapted, while in cage we to procurarglielo must be in just qualit and quantit. In nature the Indian merlon is fed mainly of fruit, of invertebrate bugs and small, above all when it must raise the prole. Not nutre absolutely of seeds (like as an example the canaries)! . Il food comes taken with the sturdy spout and if too much large in order to come swallowed entire it comes rimpicciolito with sturdy sudden decisions that they have, for, the result to scatter also pezzetti of fruit for a remarkable beam around to the cage. And impressive to see as the neck of the Indian merlon can be dilated in order to ingest also one entire cherry; and nothing fear, if the continuous mouthful to to be too much large gracula religious the ritirer outside for rimpicciolirlo ulteriorly. The Indian merlon not in a position to seizing the food and to carry it to the spout as they make the parrots, but often the sturdy legs serve in order to hold it firm so as to to allow the spout to break off some hard shell or to tear some brandello of polpa from the fruits. The main food the fruit that goes somministrata washed, dried and above all not frosted of refrigerator waves to avoid disturbs gastric. It goes given in late morning and the rests go removed to the evening perch irrancidendo fastly can cause dangerous internal fermentations much for the health.

The great choice purch is very mature:

  • apples       

  • melone

  • pears       

  • strawberries

  • bananas       

  • forest fruits

  • cherries       

  • more

  • grape       

  • raspberries

The verdura comes appreciate from the gracula religious, above all the wild cicoria, the scarola, the lattuga, the cabbage, the broccolo, the spinaci, others and varies insalate types of, the cetriolo rich of juices to tonic action on the polposi and mature organism, tomatoes, fave fresh and the peas. Also for verdure are worth the made speeches gi for the fruit that is must be washed, be dried, not be frosted of refrigerator, they do not have to be yellowed and with marcite parts. The fruit and the verdura have the large one pregio to contain many indispensable vitamins for the health of the animal, but they contain also much water, no protein and substantially little substance; they come fastly digested and assimilated and their reduced total nourishing value. For this reason it must integrate the feeding of the Indian merlons with of the animal food of origin which:

  -      lean meat cut pezzettini;

-         annealed lean;

  • hard eggs;

  • tarme of the flour (tenebrio molitor);

  • ant eggs;

  • biscotti to the egg.

The tarme of the flour they are found near the storees specializes to you and bran, bread dry and insalata or apple can easy be raised in a container from the smooth walls dandogli. Also the ant eggs are reperibili near the storees specialize to you in animals and go recovered in the water before the somministrazione to the maina. Given the high nourishing value of the tarme of the flour it does not have to exceed the number of l0-I 5 larve to the day; better still if they are kept like leccornia or like prize for some exercise very made. The rests of the food made up of alimony animals go remove you to the evening perch imputridendo can become dangerous for the health of our friend. In order to integrate the diet other alimony of origin can be used also vegetable which the bubbled rice, the potatoes read, the polenta and the cooked paste, but these alimony comes appetites in way much subjective one. In commerce they are found of the pastoncini and of the pellets purposely it studies to you in order to supply a healthy feeding to the Indian merlons. The vitaminica member in just relationship with necessary proteins and the other elements and moreover these alimony is of easy somministrazione, perch can leave them to disposition of the animal without risk that deperiscano. They contain moreover the just dose of knows them mineral and oligoelements many profits to the increase and the maintenance of a healthy state of health. And absolutely indifferent if we choose the pastoncino or the pellettato one perch is both optimal products purposely studies to you; moreover often the members are the same ones and change therefore only the presentation. We can therefore leave the choice our maina of the type of food that prefers; perhaps the pellettato one, in how much compact food, creates little dirt in the cage and house. The animal organism needs also of often deficit mineral substances that are a lot in the feeding in cattivit that we put to disposition of our animals. The necessit to supply they also of the mineral integrators under shape of bone of small cuttlefish, coal of sweet wood here, d5 grit or of it knows them mineral that they join pastoncino.

Bench the Indian merlons come captured and by now import from a hundred of years still resolutions to you not to make to reproduce them in cattivit with one sure frequency; this due above all to the fact that the seies are much difficult to recognize and therefore much difficult one to succeed to form one brace. Moreover also two Indian merlons of the same sex are behaved like if brace were one rendering our arduous task still devout. In fact these birds are much social and make group life maintaining much fort the tie between they cleaning up mutual the piumaggio, as an example on the nape, difficultly raggiungibile place from the subject animal of these attentions. In this way often we are induced to believe to possess a brace and instead the two subjects they are of the same sex, solos that are a lot bring together to you between they. Only lodging a nourished number of subjects in a great voliera and observing their behavior carefully, as an example the fact that two subjects are isolates you from the others of the group and sleeps tightened one to the other, but above all the light morphologic differences that are between the two seies, pu to hope itself to recognize one brace in order to separate it in one voliera purposely constructed for they. However in order to hope of having some happening it must enter in possession of subjects many domestic servants, the maine are in fact restie to riprodursi in cattivit much if they have been captured from adults, and that they have completed the ET year. Moreover also the state of important health: subjects in predecay conditions absolutely never do not go puttinges in reproduction in order pregiudicare their health ulteriorly and in order not to give to life to prole little lively weak person and. The period of reproduction in libert has beginning in the month of opens them and protrae until the August end. If we have the fortune to be it enters to you in possession of a brace then must lodge it in one spaziosa external voliera furnished with coppers and possibly plants greens, and in which cercher recreating devout possible the natural atmosphere. Between the folto of the vegetation we will hang the nest to cassette at least 20 x 20 x 20 cm of largeness with one great entry hole (you see design). Better if the nests puttinges to disposition of the brace are devout of one for giving to the choice female possibilit. As material for foderare the nest we will give to straw or hay, leaves, rametti, pezzettini of juta, and similar, to our brace, than to supply to arrange them to the inside of the cassette where eggs will come placed 2-3. To it broods to mainly supply the female cheered from the presence of the male who making company and to times replacing.

A lot important in this period the feeding, that it goes cured in particular way: the food must be devout the varied one and healthy possible and it absolutely never does not have to make to lack the alimony animal origin that supplies necessary proteins to the attainment of one good shape loving and to the successive one corrected development of the nidiacei. Hard egg, biscotto to the egg pastoncino for insectivorous birds, as also tarme of the flour and eggs of ant they go put regularly to disposition of the brace nesting In this period are particularly important also knows them mineral for the formation of the shell of eggs and the skeleton of the pulli. After approximately 14 days of it broods are born of pullus the knots and with the eyes sluices, but from the brame fameliche that the parents try to placare feeding them every 2-3 hours. The food used during the increase to base above all of necessary proteins animals much to the development of the small. Eggs of ant, larve of tarme of the flour (tenebrio molitor), hard egg, pezzetti of meat scottata and pastoncino for insectivora does not have to never lack in the cage; who had the fortune of being able itself to procurare also cavallette, bugs, flies, and similar, pu to put them to disposition of the winged parents sure to make what they appreciate. Important that these bugs have not been he contaminates to you with insecticides. After 18-20 days the nidiacei begin to exit from the nest, but dovr to just pass still at least one week before the true weaning and; in the meantime the parents continue to feeding the young people, while the female pu to get ready to itself to construct to an other time the nest in order to complete second and the last one brooded of the year. good norm to make s that the brooded ones have aim within the July month, perch during the summer these birds go encounter to dumb of the piumaggio and the this event, of all the natural one, for they a remarkable physical effort; if they are still attempts to the duties of parents their health pu also to come some irrimediabilmente pregiudicata. However, like gi said to the beginning of the understood one it, least positive experiences in the reproduction of the maina exist that can be useful to who wanted to try it. But to try not nuoce.

  Together to the parrots the maina the best imitatrice of the human voice : MOREOVER MANY INTELLIGENT and for these its dowries between the devout ones appreciate birds to you.

The subjects that are mainly lend to speak are those many maintained young people and in house to tightened contact with the men, but without other merlons.

Cos making pu to teach they to repeat also entire phrases and to quite imitate the stamp of the voice of "its" the familiar ones.

The feeding of these birds made up of pastoncino of for insectivora integrated with fruit, verdura, biscotti soaks to you in latte and the raw meat to pezzetti, the maine is much greedy and wants to always eat what it is put in table, but attention not to exaggerate...


we thank frank red for the realization of this card