Barren Arini

The parrots of the sort It plows they are devout imposing dell.interno the order. Intelligence of these birds, their wonderful colors, theirs facilit of taming of it make companions much search to you dall.uomo. Ararauna devout intelligent and the confidente one of are.

The young people tame themselves easy and learn to imitate various noises, to hiss some melodia and to repeat various words. For these characteristic they the exemplary of this species usually come alone raise which animals to you from company. The exemplary of recent import go initially raise to you in cage; once behavior and nature comprised these parrots can be transferred on the trespoli, from which practically never do not go away.

If sure to possess a brace of araraune if of pu to try the reproduction, than it does not turn out difficult excessive if the exemplary are very brings together to you.

In spring the brace goes arranged in garden, in one voliera that does not have necessarily to be enormous but that it must be constructed in solid metal and be repaired from a roof. A nest pu to be natural (as an example a log of hollow shaft) or realized with wood aces. The dimensions must be: 80 cm of altezzaX50X50. The opening of involo must have a diameter of 17 cm. The nest pu also to be, much simply, supported on the bottom of the voliera.



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The deposition comprises 2 0 3 eggs of 46,4X35,9 milimeter that the female broods for a period comprised between 24 and 26 days. The young people remain in the nest for 13 weeks and they are not in a position to flying until to one week after the abandonment of the nest. IT PLOWS ARARAUNA it goes nourished like all the other large species of parrots; important however that the feeding is devout varied the possible one.