Piatycercus eximius    

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Platicercidi, Platicercini   Piatycercidae, Piatycercinae

Rosella common the indicated species devout for who means to begin l.breeders of the Australian parrots: adapted easy is to the cage is to the voliera, inner or from garden.

Obviously the sistemazione devout indicated that one in un.ampia voliera in garden, where it comes sopportato also the rigid European winter easily. And also possible to raise exemplary it disappears you of this species: in such case to prefer a male, that it is tamed easy devout. To these birds possible to teach to some word or one short melodia, than verr repeated in rather flautato way.


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The rosella common it goes fed like all the other species of Australian parrots: sunflower, mile, some seed of hemp and niger, several apples, carrots, sorbe and verdure. During l.breeders of the small necessary to supply also a proteico animal food, containing hard egg and bread soaked in the latte ones.

This species not at all demanding in the choice of the nest; quest.ultimo 40-50 cm must be high, to square section of 25 cm I expand and hole of access of 8 cm of diameter. During the wedding parade the male opens the pens of the tail and moves quest.ultima to mo. of fan.

The brooded one completes comprises from 4 to 9 eggs white women, than the female it places at intervals of two days. L.incubazione begins after the deposition of the third egg.

The small are born after 20 or 21 days and abandon the nest of four weeks. The female often begins a second deposition when still the small of before brooded are not completely independent.

In order to avoid disagreeable failures, necessary to avoid to make to reproduce too much young exemplary. Given the facilit with which this species nests in cattivit, to the rosella common they often come entrusted the eggs and therefore the devout small of species of rosella rare.