(Corvus monedula)

Ciccio the taccola that free but goes to eat to house of landslides


  SPREAD the taccola diffused in all definable the western paleatico and therefore like olopaleartica species. In present Italy in all the territory to exception of the high alpine quotas.

MEASURES Total length 330 - 350 mm;ala 220-250;becco 33 mm;peso 220 gr.

HABITAT the habitat of this corvide never varied how much. In riproduttivo period the tied species to full of rocks walls or rich historical buildings of holes, fissures or gorges in which placing the nido.La pu therefore to recover itself in cosi mountain habitats average like in city atmospheres. In autumnal and winter period the requirements of this species change and devout easy to recover it in atmospheres of open campaign.

FEEDING the diet of the centralized taccola, for how much concerns the member vegetable, on seeds of several plants, while, for the animal part, based perlopi on the rinvenibili bugs on the surface of terreno.In the riproduttivo period, the taccola capture large quantit of defogliatori lepidotteri,pu to pregive also small of other birds.

The REPRODUCTION the construction of the nest happens in the cavit is natural they or crafts them, with the male whom the structure prepares support base and the female who makes cargo of the rifiniture. Eggs (3 - 8 of placed macchiettate color green-bluastro of bruno)vengono from you open them to May and come brooded from the female for 17 - 19 gg. The small remain in the nest for approximately 30 - 35 gg.


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IN CATTIVIT this bird would go held in enormous voliere, but always preferibile the breeding in libert, in fact, the domestic taccole very easy become accustomed living in libert, returning to our cures not hardly call to them, also Konrad Lorenz of it possessed many and of it excellently describes to their behavior in its book the ring of king Salomone. in cattivit pu feeding them with mangime for insectivorous birds, integrating the diet with fresh fruit or also with of the pastasciutta of which they are ghiotte.

species demanded from FABRIZIO M. (vi)