Carduelis carduelis


Classification Class Birds, Passeriformi order, family Finches
Along 12 cm
Geographic distribution Zones
moderated dellEuropa and Africa western north

This magnificent uccelletto common one in Italy and attends all the types of campaign opened with groups of trees and shrubs but also the parks. In the devout regions to partial migratore north, while in Italy it allocates them and sverna in means to the fields.
. Il   colorful and considerably enough similar piumaggio of the cardellino in the two seies. And senzaltro between Italian beautiful the devout birds that attend the garden. The colors to dellesemplare shown under, nellillustrazione, are sufficiently clear not to have to describe them.
. Il   its song much typical one and consists in one series of acute sounds with a dideli, frequently repeated. A lot waved has flight and outside of the season of reproduction it is looked at in small groups. A lot often tries the food, represented from seeds, on similar thistles and plants: just this fact has suggested its name.
It constructs the nest on the frondosi trees, generally places it allestremit of a high branch. The nest made with moss, rametti and steles and comes covered allinterno with wool, hairs and soft material vegetable. The placed eggs are from four to six and are of blue, spotted color of red-tawny, and come brooded for a period from twelve to fourteen days from the female, than in the meantime it comes nourished from the male. The small come nourished with seeds and animaletti rigurgita to you from the parents; they leave the nest after fifteen or so days from birth and subsequently the female produces one new brood.
. Il   cardellino nutre beyond that of seeds and fruits of varied type also of bugs. On coppers and steles, to the collection of the food, the cardellini they demonstrate one large abilit crobatic and easy to see to hang them also to head in gi.


The alimony has twofold importance in the prevention of the infectious diseases. In the first place if it contaminates to you from same pathogenic agents they can being carriers of diseases. E' the case as an example of seed mixtures and animal foods, constantly recovered contaminates to you, in variable measure, from E.coli or other Enterobatteri. Of other song one diet canted in the own elements nourished to you (generally for fat seed excess) pu to lead to serious vitaminiche, mineral or aminoacidiche deficiencies. In particular the deficiency of vitamin To predisposes flown them to numerous diseases rendering epithelia of several easy vulnerable the devout apparatuses from the pathogenic agents. The somministrazione of alimony extruded also to the Finches, as for a long time it happens in canine or feline field, could represent one valid solution to these problems. The extruded food, in fact, free from contaminations and contains all the indispensable elements for the flown ones them that, not being able to select the seeds that they preprefer (generally and that they are the devout incomplete fat people and like those of niger), are forced to assume with the granelli of extruded a complete food.

The water

E' of fundamental importance to supply to the birds fresh water for all the day in clean containers. The water must be always present and tinning poich it could not easy be contaminated from several pathogenic agents (in particular the Pseudomonas); to consider the possibilit to equip the breeding of valve drinking troughs automati to us directly it connects you to the water system.


No breeding to signal
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The breeding to the stecco

The scope primary of such procedure that one to obtain calm subjects correctly much that they can be, if imprintati , it employs to you with good outcome in the reproduction; without to count that pu to happen of having itself to make cargo of one brood abandoned from the mother not having nannies available.
The prescriptions of which I have had news in the years are tantissime, some have ingredients that we could define originates them, when not quite criminal, like the chili pepper crushed mischiato to the hard egg, than second a sedicente breeder it would give optimal turns out to you (sic!).
The verit that, imbeccati with costanza, and held to the warmth the small cardellini of I do not shave they survive also with a type of feeding much approximate one from a nutrizionale point of view. Such subjects however endure in the most delicate phase of the development damn irreparabili, for which nearly always soccombono during the first dumb (in kind cause the compromissione of the funzionalit hepatic). The little survivors will change with difficolt, introducing faded colors and will remain always birds of much delicate health.
Personally they are a supporter of the natural systems, for which ripongo insufficient confidence in it prepares you reperibili in commerce, to my warning full of points out, conserving and medicines to you several, for which in the years I have put to point a prescription whose it turns out to you are reveals to you indeed satisfactory.
Putting from part, therefore, the employment of sophisticated and expensive alimony, who want to try to attempt in this enterprise dovr to procurarsi the following ingredients:
- dry Pastoncino, not to the egg, elevated value prot.non (14-15max), without added seeds.
- Ceci of those toasts to you, than they are eaten cos as they are, in order to mean to us.
- Seeds of sunflower gi sguscia you, in sale in the erboristerie.
- Caps of tarassaco ( Tarassacum officinalis ), always in erboristeria.
- a good integrator (preferibilmente in powder) containing vitamins and amino acids.

- To use a tritatutto or they mill sturdy, in order to mill the ceci, than subsequently they will go passes through a sieve or a mesh strainer to you tightened, until obtaining one flour to grain much thin one (adviced against the flour of ceci of the commerce). giovani cardellini bruni nel nido
- Polverizzare also the pastoncino in the same way, without in order filtering it.
- To stir the two ingredients in the proportions: pastoncino/ceci = 1,5/2.
The compound cos obtained to consider like il"nucleo" and pu to be conserved in frigo, to be closed in a jar, for 5-6gg.

Council of somministrare the "inumidito nucleus" with water (possib. oligominerale) until catching up a cremosa consistency, whose fluidit it must stretch to diminish the nidiacei as grows
(bench optimal ET of the nidiacei, to the ends of the good outcome, is gone around around to the 6-8gg., capitato to me to ahead carry happily also broods of 4-5gg.).
E' to remember well that once inumidito the compound alters with facilit, for which it convene to only prepare quantitative the necessary one for imbeccata, throwing eventual odd lots.
Until from the first days, to discretion small quantit of vitaminico integrator can be added to the baby food previously inumidita, cos like the tarassaco in powder, than verr captured from the caps (one cap to the day, uniform in devout preparations).
. Intorno al quindicesimo-ventesimo giorno incominceremo ad impiegare il girasole sgusciato.
The relationship must be 1 spoon of sunflower for 3 spoons of "nucleus", the all past in the macinacaff in order to render it homogenous. . (Ricordo che il girasole sgusciato va tenuto in frigorifero per evitare che irrancidisca)
E' good norm to supply also of the water (oligominerale), by means of a dropper, in 1-2 reason drops after every imbeccata, is in order to prevent eventual dehydration, than in order to clean up the inside of the spout from the residual ones of food. . All'acqua potr essere unito un blando disinfettante intestinale.

. - Mantenere i piccoli al caldo (dai 7-8gg. in then sufficient covering the nest with a wool cloth), and making sure themselves that the nest is clean, dry, and that does not contain you adorned to you.
. - Rimuovere le deiezioni dai bordi e dall' interno del nido.
. - Fare molta attenzione a non sporcare i piccoli quando li si imbecca, e nel caso pulirli tempestivamente.
- not to exaggerate with the quantit of somministrata food, you better keep in mind who imbeccarli little and often, than not the contrary. . In ogni caso non nutrirli mai, prima che abbiano digerito completamente quanto avevano nel gozzo.
- To the involo, the novels will come places in a cage not too much large, so that we can handle them with facilit when we must take them one to the time in order to nourish them.
. - Dal venticinquesimo gg. in then we will offer a good seed mixture preventively crushes to you, so that the small learn sbucciar them with greater facilit (such mixture andr renewed every day).
. - Man mano che inizieranno a mangiare i semi, ridurremo progressivamente il numero delle imbeccate, fino a cessarle completamente.
. - Durante lo svezzamento fornire quotidianamente vitamine, sali minerali, osso di seppia. . Un paio di volte la settimana, mele ben mature o carota.
. -Quando saranno completamente svezzati, smetteremo i schiacciare i semi. . In questo stadio sar buona norma abituare i piccoli a consumare tutta i tipi di semi componenti la miscela.

we thank the situated one . . per la realizzazione di questa scheda e vi invitiamo a visitarlo per approfondire la conoscenza con questo grazioso uccellino.