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IT PLOWS MACAO Aridae, Arinae

This beautifulst one plows from the showy colors of raised usual, which alone animal from company, in one voliera spaziosa or on a trespolo; during lestate pu also to be held in garden. The birds import to you (between the other illegal one) tame themselves very rarely and with a lot difficolt. The exemplary raise to you in cattivit sin from young people reach to forget the own natural voice completely, than between the other sgraziata one and much little pleasant: one species of rraa. . aar. This parrot pu living beyond a century. Lalimentazione must be constituted from walnuts, nocciole, sunflower, maize (above all unripe), frumento, oats, apples and other fruit, carrots, biscotti, etc. beyond to freschi coppers that are amused to scorticare.
Having the certainty to possess a brace of are macao (what that pu to only make oneself with a recording between last and the penultimate rib in order to evidence the presence of the testicoli), allinizio of the spring this goes transferred in one voliera much large one allaperto, solidly constructed in metal. The cassette nest must be much large one, (orientativamente cm 80
X 50 X 50). The female places 2 or 3 eggs of 47 X
33,9 milimeter and broods them for a period comprised between the 25 and 27 days. The male for all this period makes the guard allingresso of the nest, sometimes entering to you in order to visit the companion but without never to take to active part allincubazione. The young people become independent to approximately three months of ET. Generally a single brooded small survives for, only exceptionally two.
During lalimentazione of the small to the diet of the parents they go added laughed bubbled, several verdure, hard egg, tarme of the flour, bananas, Mandarin, bread and knows them mineral containing soccer. In winter this go put to disposition of are exotic fruit and composed of fruit. In the cold period are macao they must lodge in premises protected from the frozen ones.


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