The wild goose a large anseriforme bird that catches up the length of a meter.

Present E' in all northern Europe and north-western Asia, from here migra towards south for svernare.

The goose has need of the water, but much time passes on the land to the search of the grass of which nutre.

It constructs its nest to earth; here the female places you its eggs in variable measure, from the five to the fourteen for time; the eggs have the smooth and opaque shell of color verdastro or giallognolo.


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From the schiusa, that it happens after four weeks, they are born of the small in a position to following the mother in water to a single day of life.

The domestic goose the directed descendant of the wild goose, regarding which it has endured very little transformations.
The breeds selected from the man, of the rest, are little numerous if it is considered that the taming of this animal laughed them at least to cinquemila years ago.

Beyond to the goose from the piumaggio white man, for which the man demonstrates one sure predilezione, be tamed also one analogous species, the cignoide goose; of Asian origin, he distinguishes himself from the common domestic goose for the large swell that door above the spout, on the forehead.

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