Melopsittacus undulatus Platicercidi, Platicercini, Platycercidae, Platycercinae

In the Peppino photo to 7 weeks of (Giovanni F.)

I Pappagallini undulates to you they are between the wingeds those that enjoy the greater preferences the amatori of all the world. The cocorite ones do not sing, only emit a cicaleccio, n disagreeable n melodioso. They adapt themselves easy to the presence of the man; moreover the Pappagallino offers to the breeder tantissime satisfactions (not obtainable with no other flown them from cage): it tries the coccole and the company of the owner and also of its relatives, of those naturally that they are taken care of he, and if it has the habit to make every a lot some flight in libert in the room, not late to soon put down on the fingers or the shoulder of the famous person and beloved.


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For the persons who acquire one Undulated with desire to tame it, the council to choose a subject much young person, hardly self-sufficient person. Between all the flown ones them from cage the one which demands little cures, for which a lot indicated also to the principianti, and moreover it is reproduced with facilit. Pu to couple it in consanguineit, in order to produce subjects that approach devout the possible one the perfection of the standard, or to proceed to the normal connection of not consanguinei subjects proceeding to every aim season to a selection of the subjects better than, riaccoppiati in the following years they will allow to obtain graduates them improvement of the stock. Hour we will examine the breeding carefully, with reference to the lodgings, the feeding and the variet of color.

in the photo the cocorita one of tila79

How they must be lodged the Pappagallini undulates to you?

The maintenance in voliera how much never indicated perch allows to the Pappagallini a complete exercise of flight that is translate in greater robustness, health and capacit of reproduction. For the selected breeding, instead, every brace must have to disposition the own cage from broods.

If the Pappagallini lives in voliera, account of the fact must be held that is upset roditori and not to leave discovered eventual deliveries in wood of the voliera. Affinch can exercise the fort spout, puts to they disposition of tender coppers, preferibilmente of salice.

Undulated flying them essentially granivoro, of easy contentatura, for this for the breeder it does not have to neglect some fundamental alimentary norms. Near the storees it specializes are found to you of mixtures purposely studied, but every amatore pu to prepare of one own, composing it with 55% of mile, 40% of scagliola and 5% of sgusciata oats. During the winter period some oil drops must be added of liver of cod for every kg. of seeds. Never do not make yourself giornalmente to lack the usual bone small cuttlefish and grit and somministri a modest portion of not bathed fresh verdura and fruit. Some times to the week pu to equip them pezzetto of bread a white man I confirm that appetite comes gladly. An optimal represented vitaminico food from seeds sprouts to you; IT UNDULATES to YOU they appreciate also unripe seeds of grass. The breeders unfortunately forget often how much are healthy the ornitogalo, the piantaggine and the tooth of lion, accepted of good degree from the Pappagallini. A varied feeding cosi a premised important in order to obtain bonds turns out to you riproduttivi. The Pappagallini needs for broods it of ready nests gi. The nest that one of wood to cassettina with the bottom to concave shape adapted. Not necessary to supply of the material for the construction of the nest, in how much the Pappagallini directly places eggs in the concavit of the bottom. If various braces nest in voliera, to the aim to avoid litigi it is necessary to at least double arrange a number of nests of that one of the braces. If us servants of a cage from brood themselves, the nest must come hanging to the outside waves not to remove ulterior space to the brace.

The deposition is made up normally of 4-5 eggs, but the number pu to be also greater. Hard incubation 18-19 days. To the Pappagallini it engages to you in the breeding of the small must be somministrato of the optimal nourishing food: a lot adapted to must is the seeds softens to you or sprouts to you or of the bread white man I confirm. To 4 weeks of ET the small will make capolino outside of the nest and little time after will be in a position to levarsi in flight. If the not aware breeder of the future colors that will be able to be manifested, avr very many surprised and potr to discover of the new inks that the subjects couple to you did not introduce evidently.
How many variet of color can be obtained from the Pappagallini undulate to you?

The variet of color they are most numerous and impossible to list them all. As a result of mutations and crossings, from the original one Undulated of tintaverde derived infinit a range of colors.

in the photo the cocorite ones of eva

Variet the Greens are: clear, green green dark, green olive and green gray.

Then there are the blue Pappagallini in various shadings: blue sky, cobalt and malva.

Beautifulst also the subjects Viola, the Yellows, the White men and the Lutini and the Albinos who find themselves frequently.

Several the factors can be arranged in order as an example to modify the design of the head or the wings. The Pappagallino has a black design normally, but have been clearly raise you of the introducing subjects a tawny design (cinnamon) in all the series of colors. The Pappagallini that they have only a vague design on the head and is lacking in the undulations on the back (that it introduces the same coloration of the body) are calls "Opalini to you".


We have only listed some to you variet of color and one recommends to all the amatori to make of the personal experiences waves to obtain the preferred colors. Only when the amatore potr to decide of a good theoretical preparation and a sure experience potr to achieve of turns out realizes to you and is of proud. If one desires to hold only Undulated like animal a sufficient company to acquire of sturdy and a healthy one, but if it is desired to dedicate on the credit side breeding necessary to enter in possession of subjects that posseggano all requirement demands give it standard; only the perfect braces will allow to obtain one stock of great value. We give to hour some signal on the standard: the length must be of cm 21,5 approximately (the general tendency to obtain subjects of always greater size); the length of the wings must be the 2/5 of the total length of the winged; in state of rest the wings must join perfectly to the body and put down on the codione (the coccige of the birds), but not be intercrossed to the tips; the head must be wide, round and much convex one, the head of the less convex female; the mask introduces 6 small tondeggianti spots on the throat uniform spaced, 4 visible ones and 2 disappearing in mark guanciali; these small spots must be wide, but not too much, constituting a serious defect it is the excessive largeness that the excessive minutezza); the color must clearly be and of uniform shading.