the beautifulst Cenerino of tila79

The devout great enemy of the parrot gray African luomo and not cats as someone supports. Gi much time makes the NATO to you Africans captured these birds in order to feed itself some and in order to use the red pens of the tail in order to adorn their hat,   trib the Africans thought that these pens possessed of the magical powers

In the past century these feathered ones have been import to you in great number in Europe, where they were particularly appreciates you as animals from company and we often see them ritratti to the checkers flank dellepoca.

During the first imports very many parrots died perch you were lerrata sideboard that these parrots did not have need of water, solo Around to 1870, understood that these birds for being able to live in health ndevono to be able to not only decide also of fresh water and of fruit.

These birds appreciate every type of fruit and verdura, therefore tried to fornirglene of the devout ones varies types to you, sar then the stessopappagallo to indicate which prefers to you.

The cenerini they are timid birds much and prudent and by nature they are not trusted the other birds, animals or persons strangers.

An other enemy of the parrot gray the vulture (angolensis of Gyphohierax),   called "volture of the vulture." This bird, than feeds itself of seeds,    ortofrutticoli,   berries,    fish,   granchi and of the palm it competes with jaco for lalimento and the territory and wins chasing the parrots (but very rarely capturing them, perch the parrots Africans are extremely fast and sly).


The blue zone extension where the cenerini they live --
cio the devout habitat of the giungla dense on the continent African and
close   the Equator of the earth.

The cenerini in nature they nest in the folto of the forest in the season of rains and use their spout in order to dig of the holes in the log or in order to increase some of existing, allinterno of these holes in a nest eggs share these birds enough will place 3-4.

By now also in Italy the breeders are very many who succeed to make to reproduce this species and that then they put eggs in technological super incubatrici and raise the small subsequently by hand in order then to supply the pulcinotti to us when nearly they are svezzati completely

And much difficult one to distinguish the males from the females. Some say, that the male devout the large and square head devout while the small and ovaleggiante female. Moreover, the piume red of the tail on the male they can be dark gray to the base, while in the female they are clear gray or red color everywhere


an other photo of the friend of tila79

The parrot gray African comes from an immense region of Africa centers them.
Expectations of life: If years come calmly satisfied all its requirements cenerino pu living 50-70.

The parrot gray African of the Congo a bird gray of great dimensions with many tonalit of gray   on the body. The piume on the head they have of the brushed ones of white man. The zone of the skin eye white woman knot. The black and massive spout, the red tail and

The weight   it varies between 400-650 grams to second of the subspecies to which they belong.

In order to recognize let of these birds in the first three years of life enough to round observe cera(parte the knot allocchio) much dark one until i   6 months. Gray pale until a year, to approximately 1,5 - 2 years their eyes liride begin to having a color paglierino. And finally to approximately 3 adult years cio when luccello presenter iride yellow clearly and one candid wax white man.

Cenerino the better parrot as far as the reproduction of the human voice. But tasks that are limited to only reproduce the words Cannot be imitated whichever sound of our house. Even if the greater part of the cenerini does not begin to speak until to a year det, is many cases of premature devout subjects. Some cenerini viceversa do not begin to speak until to 2 years.

They have the capacit of having a dictionary of beyond   2000 words. I would want to add this "argument of reflection"... not there are guarantees that a cenerino parler. Therefore this would not have to never be the single reason for the purchase of the parrot. They are however of the optimal animals from company and understand our emotions and they are behaved consequently. They do not imitate, learn from we. THEY SPEAK as an example ANSWERING JUST To OUR QUESTIONS if year silks they will call to us and they say water to us.

The jaco it has the capacit intellectual of a child of 5 years with the emotions of one of 2. Because of this high intelligence, demands our presence very and an atmosphere a lot stimulating.

In a generalized manner these birds are much frightening, therefore at least to the beginnings better to approach them a lot slowly, but once captured their confidence these birds will become of the true and own friends.

However the cenerino just for its intelligence it only has need of an owner who has much time from dedicargli and that he is not gotten tired of its company and its curiosit, if you are sure of potergli offering this then you are ready in order to cohabit for ALL the LIFE WITH a CENERINO  


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An animal that comes fed adequately not andr encounter to alimentary deficiencies that could debilitate it and therefore to make it living much less of its upgrades them 50-70 years.

In commerce many alimony is found gi purposely studies to you for the great parrots, these alimony that in the greater part of the cases is enriched of vitamins goes very well for our parrot, but remembers that they are not enough, in fact their diet goes integrated with the devout ones varies types of fruit and verdura to you and like saying previously sar he to choose those that devout the piacciono.  

The chocolate in any shape and of any toxic type for these birds  

Rich alimony of knows will cause them one excessive dehydration.

The onions contain the bisolfuro n-propilico chemical that the emoglobina denatures. In its turn it destroys red globules to us and   Cause: Anemia, Icterus, Bleeding Urine.

The alcoholic drinks

The seeds of apples contain cyanide traces. Therefore we remove seeds from apples before supplying them to it

The fungi have upgrade them of being toxic.

No deriving of the latte ones  

The drinks with caffein

The toxic avocado .