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The parrot of the senegal, or commonly called also you-you, original dellAfrica. Its areale extends western dallAfrica, to the Mauritania of the South until the Evils and to the Niger, through the Senegambia. Measure ca. 23 cm and catch up the weight of ca. 130-160 grams. The back, the wings and the piume of the tail are of color green. The chest crossed from one wraps that allarancione goes from the yellow lemon. The grey head, the green neck, the spout gray, the legs yellow rose and liride.
In nature individuals live in small groups of 10-20.
The duration of average life in cattivit pu catching up the 30 years. In some cases braces are known that have calmly caught up also 40 years.
Beyond to the Poicephalus senegalus senegalus we find others two subspecies: the Poicephalus senegalus versteri and the Poicephalus senegalus mesotypus.

Character: undoubtedly a enough noisy parrot, above all if it scares to you, lively and intelligent. It stretches with facilit, above all the subject young people, to take confidenza with the owner. They can learn some word, sound or noise. Their enough sturdy spout for which fornirgli to the possibilit amusing rosicchiando some branch like kernel, frassino or salice well.

Feeding: in nature it is fed mostly of a seed width variet, yields, flowers and gems. Mile and maizes in the cultivated zones. Some time also of small bugs.
In cattivit mixtures of mixed seeds, oleose or not too much fat can be used. Seeds germinate to you, sporadically some peanuts and ghiande. Fruit and verdura, particularly grape, fichi, peach, apple, banana and vegetables (lion tooth, centocchio...). Or pellettati of optimal qualit, integrated with a quantit of verdura and it yields fresh. And to leave always disposition well knows them mineral and grit.


breeders comes not properly carried out even if with facilit.
The maturit sexual it comes caught up towards the 3-4 years. The enough obvious sexual dimorfismo in how much the male introduces the sottocoda of a color yellow ignited while the green female.


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For breeders they need of one voliera much sturdy spaziosa and where to arrange well of posatoi sturdy (es. faggio or oak coppers). The reproduction begins generally in the November month. The nidificazione happens once allanno, in some cases two times (above all when the first nidificazione does not come positively concluded). During the reproduction the parrot of senegal pu the aggressive being, towards persons or other parrots, in case the space is not sufficient.
The nest must have dimensions of ca. 25x25x50h cm, and go lodged in a calm place and not too much luminous. Allinterno of the nest to put some truciolato layer well of.
Eggs come placed from 3-4. Hard Lincubazione ca. 28 days and the weaning of the small 9 weeks. During this period to give an alimentary support which pastoncino alluovo with adding of animal food for insectivora well and to leave to disposition in the voliera of freschi coppers.

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