Psittacula krameri , Psittacidae, Psittaculinae Psittacidi, Psittaculini

the beautifulst parakeets of the photos are of tila79


The exemplary of recent import nest in the period January-March and go therefore accommodate in one voliera inner or one great cage to you in apartment.

Those very acclimatize to you nest instead in spring and can come raise to you in one voliera all.aperto. The parakeet from the devout collar the frequently raised species of the sort Psittacula.

This parrot possesses several qualit attractive to the eyes dell.ornicoltore: it has an elegant aspect, much little demanding and much resistant one and is reproduced well in cattivit the cassette-nest must have the following dimensions: 50 cm of height X 30 X 30, with a hole of access of the diameter of 7 cm.

The bottom of the cassette-nest goes covered with one mixed humid sawdust layer to torba. The wedding parade of the parakeet from the rather complex collar. The continuous male to svolazzare, puts down itself increasing the tail, nozzle of the grida melodiose, imbecca the female and the pens of the head arrange them.

The deposition comprises from 3 to 5 eggs of 30,7X23,8 milimeter that the female broods alone for 22 days. The young people abandon the nest after approximately 6 weeks and the parents continue to feed them for others two weeks after the involo. The young people are similar the female but they are lacking in whichever design. The complete one maturit comes caught up in the second or the third year of life.


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The feeding of this parrot must be constituted from sunflower, oats, unripe maize, frumento, mile, yields of all the species, carrots, turnips, fresh verdura and rametti freschi to rosicchiare. During the breeding of the small they go added menu ordinary to the animal food all.uovo, of the bread soaked in the latte ones, many seeds germinate and a lot to you verdura.Non possible to raise the parakeet from the collar in company of other parrots poich this aggressive and much intollerante species.

The parakeet from the collar the dall.areale psittaciforme of immense spread devout. This species alive in Africa centers them and orients them, in Egypt, Mauritania, Zanzibar, in the Gulf of Aden, the Oman, the Kuwait, Iran, in Iraq, nell1ndia, in the south-east of China and to Ceylon. Currently they come recognized four geographic shapes re-united in two subspecies: Psittacula krameri krameri (parakeet from the collar African) and p. k. manillensis (parakeet from the Indian collar).

Importedthe devout Indiana subspecies that. This species has recently begun to diffuse itself also in Europe, where individuals you escape yourself to the cattivit have constituted small colonies. In England these last ones are rather numerous. Also in Italy, in Veneto, Friuli and Liguria small inselvatichite colonies exist.