Scientific Name: Splendid Neophema
Family: Psittacidae
Sottofamiglia: Psittacinae

Dimension: This small long parrot approximately 20cm
Spread: It difficultly lives in raggiungibili atmospheres in braces or small small group assembling itself in cespugliose and rich zones of grass that they prevent to the "intruders" to notice it (for this reason came to along considered extinguished)
Behavior: It lives mainly in small seed flocks nourishing itself.

In Cattivit: It lives well on condition that varied diet integrandogli with fresh food the mangime in commerce comes to it regularly guaranteed one.
Like shelter in order to pass to the night serving one prefabbricata small house nest.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:  


REPRODUCTION in cattivit: fortunately it is reproduced with facilit placing to the inside of the small house nest 3-5 eggs that then brood with regolarit for approximately 20gg.

Reperibilit: in commerce enough easy to find (while in nature much rare one).