The sparrow one of the devout birds I am sure diffused and always present in prossimit of the human takeovers; they are rustic or city they: garden, roads, you live and uncultivated areas are always object of its reconnaissances.

E' a bird practically onnivoro.

It constructs its nests in the disparati devout places: from the attics to the trees every gorge thinks it valid for its constructions using material of varied kind: piume, rags and ramoscelli.


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During a season of it broods places approximately venticinque eggs subdivided in four brooded. The period of broods hard approximately fifteen days; the male and the female alternate themselves in the cure of eggs and the small, which abandon the nest to fifteen days of life.

In this great family of passeriformi birds, we distinguish the sparrow hermit, a long bird approximately twenty centimeters and of color tawny gray tending to the black one in the male and bluastro the female.
Its the strong and flautato somiglia to that one of merlon but less intense song.

E' a bird hermit and from the classified habits;
It prefers living in desert and full of rocks zones and constructs its nest between the crepacci of cliffs or in manufactured it abandons to you.
E' diffused in all Italy in the zones that introduce these characteristics.

This card be sended to us from Alfeo R.