Scientific Name: Pitta brachyura
Family: Pittidae

Dimension: pitta of Bengal measure 19 cm.
Spread: diffused in Indonesia, India, Asia South It orients them and Japan. The Japanese subspecies comes to svernare to formosa.

Behavior: It lives solitary or in brace in the period of the loves.
S nutrono practically of all the bugs that succeed to capture in the land not being scorned the small berries and the fruits of the underbrush
It nests in a spherical nest composed of moss, grass and leaves constructed on the land or shrubs, in any case never over the meter of height placing you from 2 to 6 eggs that brood for 16 - 18 gg


No breeding to signal
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In Cattivit: It lives well but it goes held in widens voliera with much vegetation and with the pavement in earth on which we will make to grow of the grass.
Sopporta the cold.
As feeding we can dargli: a mangime tender for insectivora integrated with bigattini of flies, camole of the honey, tarme of the flour, pezzettini of hard meat and eggs.

REPRODUCTION in cattivit: very rarely succeeded.

Reperibilit: in commerce much difficult one to find.