(Exalfactoria chinensis)


Family: Phasianidae

ORIGIN: India, southern China, Indo-china, in the Philippines, the Molucche and the Celebes.

Characteristics : one of the devout gallinacei small measuring hardly 12 cm. the color male gray on the ventral part and brown on that ridge, to black throat with two strisce horizontal white women. The color female brown, being cos much camouflage one. With of the enough recent selections exemplary albinos have obtained themselves on devout which the much difficult distinction of the seies.

Reproduction: quest.uccellino monogamo and once found a female, they dig a conca in the land, placing to you from the 4 alle6 eggs that will brood for 16-18 gg., from these eggs usciranno of the small gi you form to you, than after little hours they will be in a position to following the parents.

In cattivit : it goes held in a great voliera, where we could hold also other species d.uccelli poich the Chinese quail do not give cohabitation problems, and easy tameable.


No breeding to signal
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FEEDING : vary types of cereals, integrated with verdure and tarme of the flour. They have need of sand for razzolare and a plot of ground to grass in order to nest .

Demanded species gives GIAMBATTISTA B.(CS)