Scientific Name: Ramphastos ariel (R. vitellinus ariel)
Family: Ramphastidae

Dimension: of great dimensions it succeeds in to measure 45cm.
Spread: It lives above all in the forests Brazilian to south of the Amazonia.

Behavior: It lives very rarely in in brace or small groups in the high part of the forest coming down to earth a lot, practically only when drink must
nutrono practically of all the one which can find preferring in the order yields, small bugs resisted them, but also uccellini and mammalian small.
It nests in cavit of trees where it places from 2 to 4 eggs that both the parents will brood for 15-16gg. Gia six weeks after the small leave the nest.
between the tucani which have the spout with devout shadings.

In Cattivit: It lives well but it goes held in widens voliera that allows it to fly
Like shelter in order to pass to the night serving one prefabbricata small house nest.
Sopporta absolutely the cold
They are much aggressive is with birds of their species is with birds of other species
As feeding we can dargli: it yields tender, like grape and bananas, berries, verdura, tarme of the flour and eggs of ant, but also potatoes bubbled, balls of rice, carrots and maize.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:  


REPRODUCTION in cattivit: very rarely succeeded.

Reperibilit: in commerce much difficult one to find and has of the costs forbidden to you