Scientific Name: Upupa epops
Family: Upupidae

Dimension: of medium dimensions it succeeds in to measure 28-30 cm.
Spread: It lives in its variet of breeds, practically all Europe centers them and southern, but also Africa and Asia.

Behavior: a bird "hermit" who in the period of the loves only accompanies itself to subjects of the opposite sex.
a prettamente insectivorous bird.
While from we they are much afraid in the comparisons of the man, turning out particularly difficult to observe, in east it is often observed close to human takeovers.
It nests in cavit of trees, cliff, walls or the land placing 6 eggs that brood for 16 days.
Characteristic the "crest" erected them that it has on the head and that uses especially during the period of the love.

In Cattivit: A lot is tamed easy and fastly
As feeding we can dargli: tarme of the flour, lombrichi, bugs, meat and of the cooked rice or a good ones mangime for insectivora integrated with the alimony enunciates to you over.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:  

REPRODUCTION in cattivit: it is reproduced with facilit in widths voliere, during it broods the female secerne a maleodorante substance that impregnates all cavit of nidificazione preventing the attack from part of the predators.

Reperibilit: in commerce much difficult one to find