Vedove the Africans of the sort Steganura they are distinguished for the beauty of the wedding piumaggio and for the peculiar riproduttivo behavior. The males of this species carry in the period of the loves of the longest tail pens and have therefore necessit of one the cage much great or better anchor than one voliera from apartment or garden.

In winter the vedove they must be able to enjoy one temperature at least 10; the exemplary very acclimatize to you sopportano however low devout temperatures. The feeding of this identical species to that advising for the weavers: they are sufficient one mixture of seeds for exotic, verdura and, every so often, ant eggs, tarme of the flour and insettucci vary.

The vedove they possess a parasitic riproduttivo behavior. Every male couples itself with devout females, ciascuna di.le which places own eggs in the nest of one brace of astrildidi. The hardly been born young people vedove do not expel from the nest the small of the adoptive brace, like instead ago as an example the cuculo ( Cuculus canorus), and they grow therefore with they.

Every species of vedova parassitizza very determined species of Astrildidi, of which it imitates to the perfection the color of eggs and the shape and the color of the papillae all.interno of the spout of the implumi. Not advisable to leave the males of the vedove, when these have worn just the wedding dress, in company of other species of exotic birds.

These last ones come in fact scare to you from the long and dark fluctuating tail pens and can also come attack to you from the vedove. In the livery eclissa they instead these last ones demonstrate themselves much pacific. Although the parasitic riproduttivo behavior possible to obtain the small birth of this species in cattivit entrusting eggs placed from vedove to one the brace of sparrows of Japan, truly exceptional nannies.


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During the breeding of the small to the adoptive brace they go somministrati of the animal food for insectivorous birds to fine spout and several bugs. The vedova of the Paradise known also like vedova from the gold collar.

Currently they come some recognized six subspecies is diffused around Gulf of Guinea, in Africa centers them and in East Africa them. The several subspecies of Steganura bird of paradise they are distinguished above all between they for the shape, the color and the length of the tail pens of the male.